No shellfish!

Don't forget to review "Futurestocks" and give it a rating. Also, you might want to check out the Futurama chatroom after seeing it and talk some about it.

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Frys at it

FrysGIRL sent me a naughty Bender Pic and two links to Futurama tattoos for Black & White: number 1 and number 2.

Thanks FrysGIRL!

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New Episode on Sunday

Finally it's that time the month again ...
A new episode is going to air at 7PM on Sunday. 'Futurestock' is written by Aaron Ehasz - a newcomer to the Futurama Writing Staff. Prepare to meet Calculon and Scruffy again.

Also, Erdrik send in a new Fan Fic called 'Secrets Revealed' for Futurama's birthday! Read and rate it.

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Time for a religious donation

Bored? Well, I found someone else who was
Have a look at these cute Futurama Fisher Price Figures.

Looking at the air dates of the Futurama episodes, you might notice that Futurama just today turned 3.

Also, We are slowly reaching in on 100,000 signatures on our petition! Sign it if you haven't yet! And while at it, also sign this one which seeks to make MTV sell their old cartoon series like "The Maxx" - which was also partly done by our beloved Rough Draft Studios - on DVD ... cause I say so ...

Oh, a Futurama Merchandise Forum was added to the popular message board PEEL. If you want to discuss the DVD set or your new Wind-up Gender Bender or just get info on new stuff, go there.

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Trivia for godfellas

The trivia for godfellas is in. Check it out now

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When you do things right...

people won't be sure you've done anything at all. Hehey, I finally managed to update the lists and references area, because my connection finally got back to its normal speed (Yay). I will do trivia and more tomorrow.

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No Futurama tonight

Just in case you are wondering and not up to reading through older news here:
There is no Futurama tonight
Next Sunday there will be "Futurestock" - Some biz guy is unfrozen and takes over Planet Express Delivery and the Sunday after it's "A Leela of her own" - Leela becomes a professional Blernsball player.

In the UK though, Sky One will air the Season 4 starter 'Roswell that Ends Well' at 19:00.

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While surfing on the web for stuff, we stumbled on this cool picture with bender in 'star wars : episode 2' Check it out here to view it.

I also added another Lorenz K. picture to the area, and it's again like usual very sexfully :P

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It's poking time!

I did my first grab of the 'Godfellas' episode, it's the monk of the sect It doesn't have shading though, but it's pretty good if I say so myself, so check it out.

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Presented in EdelVision

The sounds for 'Godfellas' are up now. Have fun with the great quotes!

Bender: "I was God once."
God: "Yes, I saw. You were doing well until everyone died."

PS: We are open for submittion
Send all your fan art / fiction / whatever to Andie if you want it published on our site.

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Good Ol' Germany

Maybe not that good after all ...
The German TV channel PRO7 decided to stop airing Futurama till at least June. Well, let's face it PRO7. The translation/dubbing by Taurus was utter crap and the fact that Season 3 just started airing more than a year after the US premier did not really help either.

And on The Island: Sky starts airing Season four every Sunday at 19:00. Thanks to Luke for pointing that out to me.

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Are you god?

No I'm not But I do have something that you have all been praying for, well maybe not all, but some... Here are the framegrabs for you to relive that special 'bender' moment :P Enjoy

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Figures reviewed

I've updated the merchandise section with 5 exclusive reviews for the Futurama line of Figures by Moore Action Collectibles. Each figure (Bender, Fry, Leela, PE ship, and two ornament sets) got an in depth review with original pictures taken by Jon himself. So if you're intrigued to check out my reviews of these great figures, then click right here!

Big thanks goes to MAC for suplying these figures for reviewing on this site

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MC pluribus unum. WORD!

Hope you liked the Godfellas episode as much as I did, 'cause there won't be a new or repeat episode for some time after all. Neither this Thursday (Celebrety Boxing is pushing the schedule back), nor Sunday (FOX decided to show ID4 all evening), nor the Thursday after (FOX specials: Post mortem, Corruption of American youth).

After that (eg, in two weeks), it's time for "Futurestock".

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Today on air: Godfellas

Today's Futurama episode at 7PM - "Godfellas" - is one of the highly anticipated ones by myself. It was written by Ken Keeler (writer for AoI1, Time Keeps on Slipping, co exec producer on Space Pilot 3000) and is doomed to have some great lines on religion. The story is about Bender being propelled into space by accident while fighting a battle with space pirates. Drifting through the void of space without hope to return to earth he happens to become god (The one commandment: "God needs booze"). As we all learned from Populous, playing god is not that easy though...

Enjoy it, go to the reviews and maybe join the chatroom later!

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Little new thingies

I added a few links to the top right of every page.
That is:
  • Add to favourite - just in case you didn't bookmark CGEF already
  • Print - print the current page, might be dropped in future, don't know yet.
  • Tell a friend - this lets you send a friend a link to the page you are looking at currently. Works for all CGEF pages.

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Mail Man

I got word from two people who got letters back from FOX. Their own. Unopened.
The envelopes said "Addressee No Longer Here". The fun part is, it wasn't USPS but FOX's own internal mailing service who couldn't locate their own president and chairman?!? Must be some really complex corporation flow chart they got there if they rather sent a letter back to denmark instead of forwarding it to the right room in case it was really misaddressed.
More likely: For the X-Files they do not accept written letters from unknown sources. Maybe we got the same nice fan treatment.

PS: Just in case the internal FOX service is reading this, you can find a picture of your boss here. Maybe next time you can even figure out where she works, too.

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Please drop dead at the line.

Hey, long time no see, my internet connection is still slow, but I'm posting 2 fan art pictures of Lorenz K. They're in the various submitters area. Let's hope he does some more

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Today: The Honking

Hinting at our news from one month ago, Robert Bianco says in his column at USA today:
"Speaking of foresight, the end is apparently near for Futurama (Fox, 9:30 p.m. ET/PT). You can start saying your goodbyes with this clever horror-spoof repeat, as Bender becomes a were-car." (Thanks to Richard for passing the link)

I agree with him, watch the episode and give it a review and rating afterwards.

Also, Andie updated the Lists & References after last Sunday's episode.

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Merchandise Update

Futurama: Horrible Gelatinous Blob Squishy Toy
The 'Horrible Gelatinous Blob Squishy Toy' is now shipping at TFAW for $9.99 and made it 'This week's #1 bestselling toy' right away. You can order it online at TFAW or from amazon (not shipping yet, but should soon).

Also, I found that an online store called 'T-Shirt King' is selling 2 Futurama T-Shirts:
  • a black 'Bend with Care' one (my favourite)
  • a charcoal 'Don't let the human race destroy outer space' one for the PC guys and gals.
    Both are $17.99 plus shipping and available in 3 sizes.
    Last time I announced a T-Shirt over at eMerchandise they were gone again in 4 days.
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    Uh...Cross Town Express

    In the Entertainment Weeklies March issue, The Futurama DVD makes the Most-Wanted list as one of the 10 Best DVDs You're Not Supposed to Be Able to Buy in the U.S. They Write "Futurama Fry fans may want to go on a Bender overseas, where the first season is available, loaded with deleted scenes and a Matt Groening commentary." Of course it's not like we don't have to buy it. Just wish they would make things easier (shipping prices suck.)

    Holding onto some media before I release it because I'd like to make them better. Things in the works right now:

    3D Cursor Theme
    -Futurama Alien Alphabet 2 True Type Font
    -Windows XP and Mac OS X ready icons.

    See Ya.

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    It's Huge!

    FOX TV ranking last Sunday:
    7:00PM: rank #3 at 4.8/ 8 Futurama
    7:30PM: rank #3 at 5.9/ 9 King of the Hill
    8:00PM: rank #1 at 9.4/14 The Simpsons
    8:30PM: rank #1 at 9.3/13 Malcolm in the Middle

    The Futurama rating was about average for the show with the biggest problem being the early time slot (as always) and the strong competition from CBS's side with "60 Minutes" at a whooping 12.5/19.

    Future programming:
    We'll see 'The Honking' (Season 3 repeat) at 9:30PM on Thursday. Sunday it's finally time for "Godfellas" which is followed with yet another Thursday repeat ('The Birdbot of Ice-catraz'). After that, no Futurama on Sunday 24th.

    It's been one month since we announced the production stop of Futurama now. FOX seems to ignore us. No response to anything here. I will see that I get the more than 86,000 signatures of the petition mailed in soon.

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    Can't talk, must sleep

    My isp screwed up my broadband connection so I'm very slow, so I'm not gonna say much :P Framegrabs of A Pharaoh To Remember are up

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    Pharaohnic Reviews

    Don't forget to review the new episode!

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    It's like monopoly, but real prices.

    I just added a fan fiction of Officer 1BDI. It's called the Revival of PRoject A.L.B.I.A. I also wanted to point out that the Virtual Stock Exchange is now auctioning stuff, so you can really buy things with the money you earn there. So if you haven't signed up there yet, do it NOW.

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    A Pharaoh to Remember

    Today "A Pharaoh to Remember" will premier at 7PM on FOX. The episode is written by a Weiner who also wrote "Luck of the Fryrish" for season 3. Expect the return of Scruffy and some egypt action.

    PS: I just got the Futurama Season 1 DVDs and can only say ... wow. The audio commentaries are great and the box and image quality is way better than the Simpsons one.

    PPS: 'Things From Another World' are selling the Bendy Bender at 40% off for $6 right now.

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    Trivia? Schmivia..

    I did the trivia of the 'Where buggalos roam' episode, I know it's not very hard, but it was very hard finding decent questions for this episode, cause it didn't have that many details.

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    I just finished a new amy scan, check it out. It's made from a framegrab of 'When Buggalos roam' episode. I hope you like it.

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    Just a little This and That

    Rix Tins has just released a view of the Waste Paper Basket of their product line. This will make a great place to store your AOL disks collection. They are still reporting that this line is due out in April.

    With the Announcement that UDS Signed a Distribution Agreement for the Futurama game with British Games Publisher SCi, meaning that the whole world will have access to the game and anticipation building, You may be wondering what the webpage address will be. Licensed to the Swedish developer Unique Development Studios:

    The link is broken as of now, but hold on to it.

    Bender on Final Fantasy X?
    Nope, but if you didn't know.. the voice of Bender, John Dimaggio voiced for both Kimahri and Wakka on Final Fantasy X for the Playstation 2. He gives them Hawaiian accents which are fitting to the characters personas and backrounds. Thanks Todd Sjolander for the tip.

    I'll be releasing some media this weekend. Laterz.

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    Futurama Today

    Today "Problem with Popplers" is going to air at 9:30pm. By many this episode - written by is Patric M. Verrone - is regarded as the very best of season 2.

    When the Planet Express crew lands on a previously undiscovered plant, they find that it is covered in a new and delicious animal life form which they call "popplers".

    Last weeks thursday ratings were kinda ... weak. So watch it this time

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    Up, down, up, rotate 62Degrees.

    It's my pleasure to announce that we added our first 'Linux Theme' of futurama in our wallpapers area. So check it out if you have linux and want to try out spacemanspiff's awesome theme. Also check out this funny flash animation which uses futurama voices. It's very funny.

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    What makes a man turn neutral?

    I made a new area in the list and references area thanks to the people of PEEL. It's called 'Memorable Zapp Quotes and it's very funny to read up on zapps most funny and "Wise" sayings

    * Update : What's that song? added in the lists&References area, if you know some more songs that were played in futurama, please email me. The other fans would really appreciate it to be more complete :)

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    the quickest way to a girls bed is...

    Ok I just finished my first scan of the latest episode, it's the 'Joe Camel guy from the planet mars. I also updated the lists & References area for the last episode, and some additional data of the 'Leela's homeworld' episode.

    "the quickest way to a girls bed is through her parents, have sex with them and you're in"
    ----Zapp Branigan

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    Future Video Game

    Sachit and myself have made a new section devoted to the new Futurama Video Game coming out this Christmas. Sachit did about 80% of it, while I did about 20%... so email Sachit if you have any comments on it, OR better yet, use the comments feature on this update to voice your opinion. By the way, I highly suggest that you go the this new section, because it has TONS of new information regarding the game (plot, game type, consoles, release dates, ect. ect.)

    Also, don't forget to read the exclusive interview I had with the games producer Anders Hejdenberg, from UDS. And if that wasn't enough, I added 3 new questions to the interview from a recent email I had with him. So click here and read the interview!

    Coming later this week from Jon:

    • Report regarding the Paley TV Festival which will include a full report of the day, pictures, audio samples, and a transcript of the entire evening.
    • A full merchandise review of the Moore Action Collectibles Fry, Leela, Bender, and Planet Express ship action figures. And also the two ornament sets released by MAC last X-Mas.
    • Super Duper Extra Special contest!!!! With an extra super duper prize! A real prize

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    Where the Buggalo Roam

    I hope you all enjoyed last nights episode, I know I did I already did the framegrabs for the episode. The episode is also up for Reviewing now. Enjoy

    View comments | Mar 4th 2002 |

    Futurama bittersweet ending?

    Hey guys, it's not a real content update I have for you today, but I'm sure you'd want to read the following part of an article.

    'If FOX doesn't order more episodes, Groening says he is interested in making a film version, although no studio has jumped on board yet.

    If you want to read the whole article, click here And be sure to watch 'Where the Buggalo Roam' tonight cause it's a new episode, so get your VCR's ready.

    View comments | Mar 3rd 2002 |

    It's like hee haw with lasers.

    Finally a new episode tomorrow again, so I did some catching up with updating the last data about the last episode. So I made 7 trivia questions for the 'Leelas Homeworld' episode. I will soon update the 'conceptual art' contest because I forgot to for the last weeks, I am sorry for that.

    View comments | Mar 2nd 2002 |

    If the woodchuck would chuck wood

    Hey, I'm back from my skiing trip in italy, I had lotsa fun but now it's time for me to begin updating cgef again :P I got a couple of fan art pictures from Erdrik today, so enjoy them.

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