Futurama Video Game

Our rascal Jon had a short interview with Anders Hejdenberg from UDS, the swedish Futurama video game producer.

Q: Sadly, Futurama has been cancelled. Will this affect the games at all?
A: No, not in the slightest!

Go read the interview.

Additionally, Jonny Boy added a new page about the history of the game complete with links to other articles about it.

Also on today's agenda:

  • Watch 'Put your head on my shoulder' at 9:30pm on FOX. Even though it's a repeat it still is a really great episode.
  • Today part of the Futurama Crew will be on the scenes at the L.A. Paley TV Festival at 7PM:
    In Person: David X. Cohen, John DiMaggio, Matt Groening, Eric Kaplan, Claudia Katz, Ken Keeler, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, Rich Moore, Bill Odenkirk, Katey Sagal, Lauren Tom, Patric Verrone, Billy West.
    The festival is held at the Director's Guild of America Theatre in Los Angeles.

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When Worlds Collide

Perpetual Comics' Columnist Rick Chandler had a small report about our effort (scroll down to the bold part).

Also the HG Blob with Fry inside is scheduled to be released pretty soon (I've heard of Feb 27th, so the real date is probably March 10 or so). You can (pre)order it at amazon.com for $9.99.

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Next Episodes

So, no episode last week... let's look ahead:

  • Thursday 9:30pm Feb 28th: Rerun of 'Put Your Head on My Shoulders'
  • Sunday 7:00pm Mar 3rd: New episode 'Where the Buggalo Roam'. This one is about Kif trying to impress Amy's parents by hunting the thieves of the Wong buggalo herd.
  • Thursday 9:30pm Mar 7th: Rerun of 'My Problem with Popplers'. Great episode, but well .. I'd prefer a new episode in the Thursday timelsot ...
  • Sunday 7:00pm Mar 10th: The new epsiode 'A Pharaoh To Remember' is about the crew becoming slaves on an old Egyptish planet.

Off I go printing some more thousand signatures

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Chuck Jones: RIP

Be upstanding and pay your respects for the life of cartooning legend Chuck Jones, who died at his home on Friday aged 89.

Chuck was one of the greatest influences on animation in our time(well not MY time but he's definately had a knock on effect). You guys love Futurama right? well I'm sure along the way Mr Jones has influenced the staff on our favourite show. Many consider him to be the biggest influence since Walt Disney and his projects and character creations certainly reflect it. Among his many awards and toons, he created Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote, Michigan J. Frog, Pepe Le Pew and many others as well as directing many productions involving nearly all the other WB characters like Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny.
For more info visit the article on E!online. and if you have any nice comments please post them below
Rest in Peace Sir:)

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A wonderous thing happened, why not?

I know I

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Season 3 in Germany

For all our German fans: Don't forget that Season 3 starts today at 9:15pm (21:15) on Pro7. I do realise that the translation for Season 1 and 2 were both ... how to say this politely ... crap, but it's still worth watching

The episode aired is 'Dieses unheimliche Hupen' (The Honking).

Maybe join our chatroom afterwards.

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Comic 7 Reviews

Well, we are a bit late on this one due to all the cancellation biz going on but now Comic #7 is up for reviews. This issue is especially suited for all the ones looking for naked Leela pictures. Well, not really, but this is as far as you will get from official sources Thanks to McGrady for the summary.

You are still sending those letters, aren't you? The rumour about a possible later pick up ignores something: A new team would induce either lower quality or higher costs on the producer side (FOX pays rather flat, at least for Rough Draft). So our aim must be to have the current crew stay with the show. Mail them. Sign the petition. eMail them.

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Matt's and David's attitude

Among fans the rumour that both Matt Groening and David X Cohen might want to step back from the show a bit in the future (besides the current hiatus thing going on) was rather common, so I thought I'd try to clear that up:

In a recent mail from David X Cohen (exec producer of Futurama) he explains that he still is very dedicated to the show. He just can't work on the show till midnight each day like he did in the past. He thinks Matt feels the same.

So no, they weren't backing out but getting back to a more normal work intensity.

PS: petition is at 72,000 signatures. Don't forget to (snail) mail!
PPS: The song at the end of Leela's Homeworld is "Pizzicato 5- Baby Love Child" and on their album "Made in USA"

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No Futurama this sunday

Just in case you got your VCR ready for Sunday: Give it a rest, there is no Futurama. We get a repeat of KotH instead. Yay!

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TechLive video online

The entire story and interview that TechLive on TechTV had from last Tuesday is online on their web site. You can choose from Windows Media Player or QuickTime in two different speed rates. I suggest you go watch it by clicking here.

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I used to be a blonde girl named Virginia

I updated the Lists And References for the latest episode called 'Leela's Homeworld' if I missed something, please email me. I also added a new wallpaper by the voices For those who actually got past the main 'war site' have fun :P

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On the air tonight!

Our story will go on TV today.

Check your cable provider for TechTV:

Tech Live 9 a.m., 4 p.m., 9 p.m. & 12 a.m. ET
Tonight: 'Futurama' fans flock to Web

That would be us

We sent in Rubio from "A big piece of garbage" to be interviewed on this matter. If you can't seem to get that channel you might be lucky and check TechTV:News after it aired. They might put it online.

Other news: Andie got the FrameGrabs up; Welcome Darrell from the Outlet; thanks to all the fan sites not involved with futurama linking to our site or petition (some being: emuHQ, retrogames, sharereactor, outer-edge and so many more); our petition is past 61k signatures now.

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The Saga Continues

In Cinescape Magazine #58, Matt Groening talks about Futurama from past to present and things to expect. He also talks about a Simpsons Movie. Pick up the new issue for more details. Sales for Cinescape Magazine #58 start tomorrow, Feb. 19th.

Speaking of Cinescape, Cinescape Online interviews executive producer, David X. Cohen, and he comments on the latest rumors of the Futurama cancellation and lays down the skinny and the sad truths. Basically, He says that there is about 20 episodes left to carry us through 2002 and 2003, but if FOX does decide to order more episodes it will be with a new staff. This is what we as fans have to fight. He offers:

So write those letters, Cohen asked. Gail Berman, president of Fox Network. And Sandy Grushow, chairman of Fox Entertainment group. Physical letters are considered more effective than emails.

President Gail Berman, Building 100 Room 4450, 10201 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035

Chairman Sandy Grushow, Building 100 Room 5110, 10201 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035

For more details on click here and here.

Keep the letters respectful. The whole point is to save the existing talents of the show and in turn saving the future of the show. You can express yourself without threats or attacks.

Sign the Petition, Send Letters.

Who am I? Well, basically I have been a fan since before Futurama aired. I used to be one of the webmasters at the former Futurama Outlet. I will be a fan even when FOX cuts off our air supply. Why am I here? Because I Can't Get Enough Futurama. Z;)

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What a cute baby

Check out my first scan of the new episode we had last night, it's a scan of leela when she was a baby. Enjoy, framegrabs coming tomorrow (I hope).

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Tonight on fox

A futurama episode, wow didn't see that one coming did ya? REVIEW it! Well, I did some updates in the Information section and I added another one of those kick ass tabs made by Stephen Reid, it's the tabbed version of that song called "iron man" when the giant bender of AOI1 was flying to earth. Enjoy.

PS. sign the petition :P

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War over?

No way.

In light of the new episode to air today, we changed back to our old design so people can review the episode etc.

We will still focus most of our news on the cancellation issue for sure. So let me start ...

I want to repeat Andie's call to write the person in charge of programming:

Mr. David Nevins
Executive Vice President, Programming
Fox Broadcasting Company
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 100, Room 4510
Los Angeles, CA 90035 U.S.A

Stay nice, tell him that the 7PM slot caused the problem, that about 70 people won't get their contract renewed at Rough Draft, that ordering more episodes later next year would be more expensive as a new team would need to be trained, that we want a second time slot for new episodes and that the old one is moved to a suitable time. Also, more publicity for the show is in order! Write that letter, it's important!

Our petition is beyond 54,000 signatures now and about to pass the Family guy petition within just 4 days.

And again: Spread the word! We now need to reach people who do not check the internet for Futurama stuff. If you know anyone who even remotely likes Futurama, for the sake of the people at RD keeping their well done job, tell them to write a letter and sign the petition! Also, maybe target semi closely related websites like popular Star Trek sites and entertainment sites. Thanks to heise.de for including our campaign in the sunday column.

I will add links to articles about the situation.

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Futurama Cancelled

True or not ?

There has been quite some rumour since someone left a note about this on our comment system. Well, it originated from a place with inside info in LA and I got word from two other people involved with the show. Either they are planning on some big PR stunt with this or ....

Here is my quick summary for those who didn't read above:


Rough Draft called its animators yesterday, telling them they'll need to find a new job as FOX hasn't picked up the show for season 5. I can't name our sources, but they are credible.

What do we do now?

Well, we need to contact the people who make the decisions. YOU need to contact the people who make the decisions.

This does involve writing a letter and having a stamp in case you live in the USA. So get that! Addresses and more to be announced as things emerge. In case you contact FOX by email, stay polite as you want something from them, not the other way round.

PS: I will disable all the links here for the moment, only the main page and the comments will be accessible.

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I have added the framegrabs of the 'Love & Rocket' episode, enjoy Now I'm off to watch the episode

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(not meaning to encroach on mArc's previous post-sorry M:)
Tonight is the new episode guest starring Sigourney Weaver and (briefly) Lucy Liu. It's being penned by former ace Buffy scribe Dan Vebber in his second episode(first was Birdbot of Ice-Catraz) and is directed by Brian Sheesley(Mother's Day, When Aliens Attack, Amazon Women in the Mood, Why must I be...). Looks great and Herc from AICN gave it a 3 star in his VERY strict rating system(that's good).
Remember to REVIEW!!!!

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Episode Schedule

Well, finally, today at 7PM the new episode is going to air: "Love & Rocket". This is the valentines episode out of the 4ACV batch and with that, the first episode done in the 4th production run which we are going to see.

The week after it's time for "Leela's Homeworld" where she is bound to find her true origin.

None of those episodes are going to be pre-empted, so use your chance to see them, cause Feb 24th there won't be any Futurama on air (Simpsons rerun instead).

After today's episode, make sure to review it and then visit '#futuramachat' and discuss the episode with other fans and maybe some of us from gotfuturama.com .

PS: Got an Ascii PE Ship and Hypno Toad by SSt, thanks!

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It's off the funkometer.

I added trivia questions for the 'Anthology Of Interest 2' episode. So we're ready for an all new futurama episode. Don't forget to watch Love & Rocket tonight at fox. Bye and see you tomorrow

* Updates : Added 2 futurama babes (leela and amy) from Paul.

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What do you invaders want?

I added a new wallpaper to the site, it's a wallpaper based on the '3 invaders' scan I did a few days ago. Enjoy

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Do you have any better hostages?

Hey everyone, only one day until a new episode!

But there was another reason I posted today, and that's to make a request:
Is anyone going to the William S Paley Television festival to see the Futurama gathering with the writers etc?
If so, would you mind writting a report on what goes on, what was said and basically your day at the event. I'm sure the other fans who can't make it(like me) would appreciate it and it would take pride of place in our articles section!
If you would like to help me out, please email me!
If you'd like more details visit here and here

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Call to Arms

Well, looks like we need to bail out the french (yeah yeah, no one ever chooses italy, but be nice just this time ).
Their Canal+ didn't yet decide to pick up Season 3. That's right, 3.
So Greg from futuramafan started an online petition.
Let's test if we can move things once we need such a thing for the US.

Also I updated our heads in a jar list some, but sure lacks some. Mail me if you remember a missing one.

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*More Scans*

I seem to be making more scans lately, check out my latest one from the AoI episode. It's one of Moms goons as a bat

PS: check out the Futurama Stock Exchange, it's a very enjoyable online futurama game.

* Update : wallpaper by The Voices added

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All your base are belong to us

Okay I made another new scan to make you guys happy... It's a scan of Donkey Kong, Q-bert and something green. Enjoy

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Number 6: Pimpmobile!

Great news everybody!

The First Season DVD release of Futurama topped at a fantastic Number 3 in the sales chart for its first week of release in the UK!!
It was beaten only by the debut release of the blockbuster Swordfish at No. 1 and Final Fantasy, in its second week of release, at No.2.

This is fantasic news considering the Futurama set cost the price of the No.1 and No. 2 DVDs put together!
A big thanks to Andy from the fantastic Region 2 Project for getting the numbers for me! Comment...!!

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German Futurama DVD out

Today the german Futurama DVD set was released. It includes German (d'oh), English and Spanish sound plus subtitles for the Scandinavian languages. You can easily order it at amazon.de (no credit card needed if in Germany, shipping to most European nations is rather cheap). The Spanish DVD set itself will most likely be the same discs, but it got postponed for some time. Have a look at reeds review of the English set if still in doubt.

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Mamma Mia!

Hey guys, I made another shaded scan, this time it's from AOI II, the mario shot. I plan to update another time later on today with something recovered.

* Updated : Fan Art (various submitters) - bender and bart

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Comic Capsule 3

Sachit's 3rd Comic Capsule is up now. The next ones will probably take a while till they are done, so read what we got for now .

Also I uploaded some new Fan Art by Juliet.

One day till the German DVD is shipped ... now if i only had the time to get me a TV and DVD player

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Feast your eyes on this!

Okay I've been going through the old pile of cgef crap I forgot to add when we went back online so I added some new icon packs, I hope you enjoy them.

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David Interview on frontwheeldrive

David X Cohen gave the guys from frontwheeldrive a new interview. It's a tech site, so the interview goes some different than those we had in the past.

Q: What is the general feeling among the Futurama crew concerning the way Fox treats this show? [...]
A: Frustrated, bitter...you can guess

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Silly wabit, Rix are for kids

Rix Products
Rix Products is producing many Futurama products including coasters, playing cards, and wastebaskets. Here is more info and pics:

Rix: Limited Edition Bender Playing Card sets of two decks in tin holder:
The graphics were designed by animators of the show and meant to look like
traditional playing card art.

Each Card:
King of Spades = Morbo
King of Diamonds = Professor Farnsworth
King of Hearts = Zapp
King of Clubs = Lrrr
Queen of Spades = Mom
Queen of Hearts = Amy
Queen of Diamonds = Gender Bender
Queen of Clubs = Lrrr's Wife
Jack of Diamonds = Hermes
Jack of Spades = Fry
Jack of Clubs = Doctor Zoidberg
Jack of Hearts = Leela
Joker 1 = Bender
Joker 2 = Flexo

*available in April*


Rix: Slurm Can Playing Card:
No pictures or info is available for this set. But it will be the same size and look the same as THIS.

Rix: Drink Coasters
This is a set of 4 Futurama coasters made for drinks. They are currently only one set featuring Bender, but if this product does well, they will continue making new series of Futurama coasters. This set features Bender and is made out of tin:
1. Olde Fortran "Goes Down Smooth"
2. Lobrau Light "Light Beer is for Real Men!"
3. Lobrau Beer "You're Payin'!"
4. Benderbrau "Bet You Can't Hit the Toilet from Here!"

Updated the Pop-out people section with new pictures and such. There's going to be an #9 out soon of it.

Also, updated the webnews section and merchandise section slightly.

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We're landing on the moon.

I just ordered my futurama DVD's from amazon germany, I hope they get here fast I added a new scan, I started experimenting with shading a leela scan, and this is the result.

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Talk to the guys from FUTURAMA!!!!!!!

You doing anything on February 28th??
Then get yourselves along to the William S Paley Television Festival for a chance to view 2 classic Futurama episodes and then chat to a panel of Futurama's cast and crew including Matt G, David XC, John DiMaggio, Billy West, Eric Kaplan, Rich Moore, Claudia Katz, Katey Sagal and many, many more!!

I have to run now so I'll let the great Herc for Ain't it Cool News explain the rest.

Also try here for more info!

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No Futurama Today

Today is NFL SuperBowl, so we will neither see Futurama nor The Simpsons. Fox will go straight to Malcolm in the Middle afterwards.

The week after is "Love & Rocket", then "Leela's Homeworld" and then no Futurama (Simpsons repeat instead. Might be due to the Winter Games final ceremony). Which means a grand total of 2 episodes in February. The last two years they never aired more than 2 new episodes in march either. Let's hope they break with that tradition.

And for the germans: The DVDs will be out on Thursday. Preorder them at Amazon.de if you want to make sure that you get them early!

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New Conceptual Art

Yep, I finally updated the contest again, I hope you'll enjoy puzzling this one out, cause it might be rather difficult. So check out the conceptual art contest. I also added a Fan art Picture of the voices

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Nothing should go wrong.

I recovered the last batch of Old CGEF scans. I'll look around some more if I could recover some more but well I'll also try doing a conceptual art contest this weekend cause I didn't have the time for it last week

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Comic Capsule #2 & new ep

The 2nd Comic Capsule is now up. Read it and review the comic yourself if you've read it.

The ever to be cancelled series 'Family Guy' scored a lousy 4.0 / 6 rating yesterday - sad.

zap2it.com has some (really small) tid bits about the upcoming Futurama episode guest staring Sigourney Weaver (spoiler, stop reading this news entry if you don't feel like it):
"Weaver will appear in the animated show's Valentine episode, which airs during February sweeps, as the voice of the newly-upgraded Planet Express spaceship. Her sexy voice causes robot Bender to fall hopelessly in love.
The sweethearts are led astray however when the ship discovers that Bender is unfaithful, leading it to chart a course for self-destruction.

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