Merry X-mas from the entire CGEF team

Merry x-mas from the entire CGEF team, I Hope you all have a nice x-mas. We'll be back in the new year, So, have a merry Christmas, happy Chanukah, kwazy Kwanza, a tip-top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan. Now a word from *my* god: our sponsor.

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A Taste of Freedom

As yesterday had the new episode "A Taste of Freedom" in store for some of the US, we of course have our regular multimedia and info update for you. Don't forget to help with the reviews and capsule.
  • Framegrabs: For those who missed it due to pre-emption or just want to see Zoidy's tentacles again.
  • Sounds & Quotes: 16 fun quotes to read and listen to.
  • Capsule: The first version of the episode capsule for you to sumbit to.
  • Reviews: The episode reviewing is now enabled. Read & Post! But please try more than 2 words when reviewing.
This will probably be one of the last updates on CGEF for a while as our working slaves are busy being jolly. If you are looking for Futurama news in the meantime, try PEEL. Cyas next year!

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DVD set for USA: Preorder at 25% off

Good news everyone! Amazon got the Season 1 Futurama DVD set up for preorder for the USA (region 1). The list price for this 3 DVDs/13 episodes set is $39.99, but amazon is giving 25% off making it $29.99 only. If you - for some weird reason - are unsure whether you want them or not, read our extensive Season 1 DVD review. The arrival date is set to March 25th.
And now fly my Futurama minions, fly!

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Animation Magazine Cover Story

The animation industry targeted print & web publication Animation Magazine dedicated their currently selling December/January cover story to Futurama. Asking "Kiss this shiny metal ass goodbye?!" and "Is Futurama History?", the article both lauds and comforts this year's fifth installment of Futurama on FOX. Quoting executive producer and co-creator David X. Cohen
"We're all taking jobs elsewhere. [...] We were just ahead of the big wave of primetime animated shows and now we might be the ebbing tide."
the magazine also includes a full page advertising bought out by law firm KMZRosenman to congratulate Futurama.

The ultimate answers to the questions posed will probably not arrive for another few months, but getting Futurama into the news and heads of people surely can only help.

Thanks to AM editor and author Ramin Zahed for providing me with a reference copy of this issue.

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Frame Dub Round 6

Nothing much Futuramarish going on right now without FOX airing new episodes for another 4 days and us at CGEF slowly getting into holiday mood (or studying for Andie ). So, take a turn at the new round of Dub the Framegrab. Try to be funny

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Futurama Xmas Ornaments at TFAW

Dark Horse Comics subsidary TFAW got the rare Futurama Xmas Ornaments available just now. They are $29.99, but you get something quite special which is hard to find on the net (let alone in brick & mortar stores). And come on, Leela just looks cute in that dress They also got the standard Futurama Ornaments back in stock for $19.99.

UPDATE: The Xmas one is out of stock again already. Tough luck, suckers The normal is still available. And Jon keeps pestering me to link his review for them, so go read it.

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Leela's Homeworld Song

FAQ no16
"Baby Love Child" by "Pizzicato 5" on "Made in USA".

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A Taste of Freedom Description

As there will be no new Futurama on FOX this Sunday (rerun of Leela's Homeworld for the westcoast), I'll give you the juicy bits about next Sunday's episode "A Taste of Freedom":
Dr. Zoidberg is accused of flag desecration when, at a Washington D.C. celebration, he cannot restrain himself from eating a large flag. After Zoidberg is sentenced to death, his people send an invasion force to enslave the people of Earth and teach them the meaning of freedom.
We'll see a return of Richard Nixon's Head and guest star Phil Hendrie will lend his voice to Old Man Waterfall and Frieda Waterfall, who complete the hippie family.

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US Futurama DVDs in March

According to DVD Toons the american Futurama Season 1 DVDs are scheduled for a 3/25/2003. I've seen contradicting retail prices at either $29.99 or $49.99. Looks like they will be identical to the UK version: 3 DVDs, commentaries on each of them, some out takes, script/storyboard and Animatic to SP3k and a picture gallery. We'll keep you informed.

Thanks to Corey for the notice.

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Tin Trash back in stock for XMas

Last time I announced that eMerchandise had the Futurama Tin Trash Can by RixTin available, they were out of stock within days (RixTin isn't the biggest company and doesn't have the largest production runs). Jon previously reviewed this $13.95 junk lover for you. So, if still uncertian, read Jon's article with pictures.
Emerchandise estimates on-time XMas delivery to the US and Europe if you order within the next 3 days.

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Futurama Comic #10 out

The 10th Futurama installment by Bongo comics is out since end of last week. If you already got it, care to write a review on it. If you don't have it yet, shame on you. Go see your local comic book guy and buy it and then review it on CGEF Here is the description:
By some divine instrument of destiny or by the bestowing of an innate talent by the powers that be, Fry, Leela, Bender, and Scruffy find themselves representing the Earth on the Olympic swurling team under the tutelage of hall of fame swurling coach Vic Lebruteski. But what is really behind their newfound abilities, and what exactly is in it for the coach and Planet Express. It appears that they will soon be putting their lives on the line in front of an universal arena that is out for blood.
Bongo also axes for some more fan mails, so, write them: Remeber that they are the good guys.
The second Futurama/Simpsons crossover comic is announced for December and Futurama #11 for January. I'll see if I can get some juicy stuff on them for you.

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Route of all not so evil Ratings

Fast National TV ratings are in and ...

7pm to 8pm:
1. CBS "60 Minutes" 9.8/16
2. FOX "Futurama," 6.0/10, "King of the Hill" 6.1/10
3. ABC "Christmas in Aspen" (don't have the rating, but 3rd)
4. NBC "Hollywood Christmas Spectacular"
5. TWB "Gilmore Girls Beginnings" scored a 3.3/5

So: A great second place for Futurama again with a /10 rating
Malcolm at 9pm only scored a 5.6/8

Source: zap2it

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The Route to all updates

I hope all of you enjoyed The route of all evil. And like always we have some multimedia/interactive stuff laid out for you:
  • Framegrabs
  • - +200 High quality framegrabs for you to relive the moment
  • Sounds & Quotes
  • - 13 sounds and quotes carefully picked from the episode.
  • Episode Capsules
  • - You can submit all your capsule information to us, the current capsule is also online.
  • Review
  • - and finally, you can send in your opinion and review the episode. Please try to form more than one "It's cool" sentence

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The Futurama Encyclopedia

Something new on Can't Get Enough Futurama.

The Futurama Encyclopedia
One of the things we were trying to accomplish in the past was providing you with more Futurama info, trivia and knowledge. The problem was to find a suitable way for this. Having a series of mini-articles on things like "The Ball Conflict" didn't feel like a good way as it would be hard to access. But we wanted that information here.

The content of the Encyclopedia was created by PEELers and needs further additions of course. That's where you become part of the equation. Please have a look at this PEEL thread and see if you can help out. We want this to grow so it can be a useful resource.

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Upcoming: Route of all Evil

Tomorrow at 7pm, the next new Futurama episode "The Route of all Evil" is going to air in parts of the States. The east coast has tough luck once again. According to Don Del Grande:

  • Definitely on: Atlanta, New York, St. Louis, Tampa
  • Probably on (definitely if the local game is sold out): Dallas, Kansas City, Washington
  • Probably in progress: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Indianapolis
  • Definitely in progress if the local game is sold out: Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Nashville, Pittsburgh
  • Definitely in progress: Detroit, New Orleans, Philadelphia

    Call your local affilate and ask if/when it is on. They might be able to show it later the night.

    The weeks ahead:
    Sunday 15th: Rerun of "Leela's Homeworld"
    Sunday 22nd: New episode "Taste of Freedom"
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    Tis the Season: Gimme Gifts!

            Find them at amazon,
           TFAW! and eMerchandise.

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    Futurama DVDs for America

    Looks like things are falling into their places. The US will get the Futurama Season 1 DVDs some time in the first half of 2003 according to a chat transcript with Peter Staddon of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment:
    Peter Staddon: There are so many TV titles coming down the road that I don't know where to start: Futurama, The Shield, King of the hill, Son of the Beach, nypd Blue, Dark Angel, Angel, Family Guy, and probably a couple that I've overlooked as well.[...]

    Deepak JR: [...] Is there any word on Futurama or Family guy coming as season sets in the near future [...]?

    Peter Staddon: Both Futurama and Family guy will be out in the first half of 2003.
    Other DVD stuff:
  • Family guy Season 2 can be pre-ordered in the UK already.
  • If you got a region 2 capable DVD player, you might still want to buy Futurama DVDs from the UK as the Season 2 DVD set won't be available in the US anytime soon.

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    Dub The Frame: Love & Rocket

    Next round of Dub The Frame has started. This time it's a frame from yesterday's Love & Rocket epilogue.

    My personal winner for last round (dog in sauce): Benn with
    Fry: You're right, Mr Panucci, opening this pizza franchise in Ho Chi Minh City was the best thing you've ever done.

    Reason: It gives me the chance to link to this article on Lauren Tom (voice of Amy) talking about the problems of Asian-Americans and the dog eating clich

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    Cartoon Network Schedule and Ad

    The new December 6th issue of Entertainment Weekly features this advert by Cartoon Network for it's newest programming highlight: Futurama 1ACV to 4ACV reruns. Yeah, you read this correctly - they actually advertise and promote Futurama. And also in a somewhat adult way. Maybe they understood Groening when he said "My buddies and I do adult animation". Thanks go to Brian for sending me this.

    Also, here is the schedule to the Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network starting on January 12th (as told by Corey):

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