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Be it known from this day forward that Satan, ruler of darkness, giver of evil, destroyer of what is good and just, is not now, nor ever again will be, a part of this websi... errr... i mean, I got two new scans for you by yours truly. Enjoy.

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There we go, 35 sound clips for the episode I dated a robot are up and transcipted. Get them while they don't rot.

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Futurama Update from David X. Cohen

David X. Cohen (producer, writer on futurama) posted season 4 information on alt.tv.futurama. If you want to read what he said, either go to alt.tv.futurama, or in this CGEF article.
Big thanks to Jake for pointing out this information.

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Is there room in there for two?

Talking of updating... Even though you don't see anything yet, I

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For the ones who don't know.

I am going to stop updating for the next 2-3 weeks because of my exams. So let's rely on those other webmasters. Wish me luck :P

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Prepare for lift off!

With season 4 less than two weeks away, we assembled some info on it. Please understand that this info is not necessarily 100% correct.

As noted before, season 4 is scheduled for a Dec. 9th premiere at its usual sunday time slot (7PM/6PM Central/Mountain). The episode to air as a premiere is going to be "Roswell that Ends Well", previously known as "Top Secret Season Premiere Extravaganza" and written by J. Stewart Burns (The Cryonic Woman, Mars University and others).
Short premiere synopsis: "An accident causes a supernova which sends the crew back in time to 1947, where they land in Roswell, Area 51. Fry and Bender's head have to go in for a rescue mission to free Dr Zoidberg and Bender's body from an army base where Fry's grandfather works."
It really is an episode done in the season 3 production run.

Quite some other Season 3 episodes have yet to air. Partly preliminary titles and summaries are (skip paragraph if you don't like to read spoilers):

  • 3ACV10 - Where the Buggalo Roam: Amy and Kif save the Buggalo herd of the Wong family from rustlers
  • 3ACV12 - The Route of All Evil: Cubert and Hermes' son Dwight use the Planet Express crew to help with their paper route.
  • 3ACV16 - A Leela of her own: Leela starts playing Blernsball as a pro
  • 3ACV17 - A Pharaoh to Remember: Leela, Fry and Bender become enslaved on a planet which resembles the ancient Egypts
  • 3ACV18 - Anthology of Interest II: 3 What ifs: Bender as a human, Fry in a Video game and Leela goes home.
  • 3ACV03 - A Tale of Two Santas: The episode not shown due to violence. It is scheduled to air Dec. 23rd at between 9 and 10PM together with the first XMAS episode. Possibly a guest star: Coolio.
  • 3ACV20 - Godfellas: Bender gets rocketed into space and meets god
  • 3ACV21 - Future Stock: Something weird happens on the annual share holder meeting
  • 3ACV22 - Ironic Chef: Bender tries to beat Elzar at a cooking marathon

    Some spoilers for the real season 4 episodes:
  • The episode currently scheduled for the season final will be about the cult of Star Trek that grew into its own religion around the 23rd Century and became too powerful in the coming centuries and thus got banned . Possibly featuring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Walter Koenig, and Nichelle Nichols as voice guest stars.
  • A Valentines episode is to guest star Sigourney Weaver as the voice of the PE ship (it gets a personality upgrade which Bender grows quite fond of).

    Together with the 18 episodes out of the 4th production run a total of 72 episodes will have been produced. It is not that clear how many are actually going to show during Season 4 due to lots of football.

    OK, that's it for now, warm up your video tapes and buy chips already ;)
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    To hell with it!

    Slowly but surely our sound section is filling. This update concludes season 1 with the edel-version of the 'Hell is other robots' sounds. Thanks to the involved people; Beelzebot knows it's a hell of a lot of work to do the sound transcripts for the fan, but oh hell ...

    Additionally, fitting the hell theme, Lorenz K sent us a neat Fan Art piece featuring Leela with a heap of skulls.

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    A Haunting Experience

    Yes, I know this will comes a shock, but I'm actually updating this site again, and this time with some Fan Art from Alexander Gustafsson, he seems to like doing Halloween style pictures, as you can see from the thumbnail, and from the other two on his page.

    I may have some more of my art and wallpapers to add here in due course, once I can free up some time to add them.

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    more ... More ... MORE!

    The german Amazon features the first picture of the DVD box and discs now. Click the image to see a bigger version. Thanks to Freeman on the german "Futurama Foren Union" board for getting my attention there.

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    Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

    I just got an email from sofie that I could use her fan art on cgef. So check out the newly acquired fan art pictures of sofie.

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    They keep coming in!

    Today I bring you love ... or fan art ... but with love :P
    Juliet gave me 22 Fan Arts and 11 Scans of hers to add to our growing fan submitted sections. When done with looking at the pictures, pay her Bender Fan Site a visit. Sad how her page seems to be the lone guardian of the classic kind of fan pages. More of those are needed to ensure a growing fan base. Anyway, off to the picture now!

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    Gimme that gushy stuff

    I made 10 windows icons out of avatars I did for PEEL a while back. They are available as iconpack 14 on our Icons & Cursors page and include: Bender as penguin, Fry being insane, Leela with 2 eyes, the Leela-monkey, Nina, Noticably F-A-T, Roberto with beard, Beelzebot, the wormking and Zapp in a posey pose.

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    Destiny's Child

    Destiny's child is the name of the fan fiction Paul wrote, I know it's not new or anything, but we just got it :P

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    If I'd said you had a beautiful body...

    Something for the guys here.
    Lorenz K. sent us two Fan Art pieces. One shows Leela with special emphasis on her more female features, the other shows Leela and Amy.
    Great skill Lorenz. Keep it up and draw something for the girls too (not too much though, please ;) )

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    God eat america... Bless...

    Hey guys, I'm squeezing in some of my valuable studying time for cgef, I added the 3d model of the nibbler spaceship. Get it at the 3D ART section.

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    That oughta shut him up!

    Yep, you might've noticed that my updates are getting less and less frequent. My exams are nearing, so I have to study very hard, I won't leave the web world yet, but in a week or so I will begin studying for my exams. Just bear with me and hope the other webmasters will update more often. I'm off to school now, and enjoy this fan art submission by Ally.

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    Would you like to register me now?

    Two quick additions:

    1. Jon gave me an Ascii David X Cohen. In case you wonder who the hell that is: Hell, it's the Futurama producer, see more in our "Creators" Area

    2. The promised second Fan Fiction by AstroZombie is up now: Read and rate "Precious Memories". In case you got futurama fan fic and want it published for others to see it, send it to Andie

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    Hey, SSF is back online. And they have this very cool new game called planet express. We put it in our Flash games section.

    what do I look like?
    a guy who's not lazy? Well I managed to lift my finger for one
    fan fiction by Astrozombie, the second one will be here tomorrow.

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    We demand a recount

    Nicolas got some complains that his tabs weren't correct, but it was my fault for putting the flawed one up. He also made a mp3 showing how it should sound.

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    gotta do what you gotta do

    Although 3 letters are still unkown, I wrote a decoder for Alien Language 2. If people demand an encoder, I will code one, too.
    In the end, I did the encoder anyway, the missing letters are shown as "?". Keep in mind that a single screw up during encoding or decoding makes any character afterwards wrong as AL2 is a differential code.

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    UK DVD news!

    • Direct from Fox in a snazzy press kit, here are the details for the UK Futurama DVDs!
      Release date: Jan 28th 2002
      Price: £39.99
    • Disc 1
      'Space Pilot 3000', 'The Series Has Landed', 'I, Roommate', 'Love's Labors Lost In Space'
      Commentary for each episode (doesn't say by whom, though)
      4 deleted scenes
      Script and storyboards for 'Space Pilot 3000'
    • Disc 2
      'Fear Of A Bot Planet', 'A Fishful Of Dollars', 'My Three Suns', 'A Big Piece Of Garbage', 'Hell Is Other Robots'
      Commentary for each episode
      Season 1 trailer
      2 deleted scenes (Amy fans note that neither is from 'Garbage', so Lauren Tom's credit for that episode - where Amy appeared but never spoke - will remain a mystery forever...)
    • Disc 3
      'A Flight To Remember', 'Mars University', 'When Aliens Attack', 'Fry And The Slurm Factory'
      Commentary for each episode
      'Special featurette' (no details given - Matt Groening/David Cohen interview?)
      1 deleted scene
      Stills and concept art - 44 pics and 4 video segments
    • Super thanks to Andy McDermott who works on a DVD magazine and 'Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong'
      For more info regarding Futurama merchandise, check out the merchandise section.

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    Professor do something!

    Okay we have a new area on cgef, it was created during the biology period today. Check out the Guitar Tabs section of CGEF now. It only has one version though, so please submit yours for other versions or improvements. I also got a new futurama game by Deathcharge, it's not that High Tech as the previous games, but it's still lots of fun.

    We're having some slow times in the futurama chatroom, so please stop by and come and chat with your fellow futurama fans. You can also log in with mIRC or other clients on the server irc.rastaworld.com:6667 at #futuramachat...

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    Seeing that there is no major site with an Alien Codec anymore, I sat down and wrote a quick and dirty version for Alien Language 1. You can both encode and decode interactively with it.
    If you wonder what this is all about: There are at least two (written) Alien Languages in the show. Every now and then, some weird symbols show up on signs for the fans to decode. Alien Language 1 is a simple letter replacement code, Alien Language 2 is some more complex and not all symbols are known yet.

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    Maybe it contains some...

    kind of monster :) What I got for you today are some cursors I found in the directories of Old CGEF. I also updated the flash game section with 2 games from Jarnik. You can try out his newest game by going to SSF. Well enjoy :)

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    that's where I ductaped Alex

    Well it's pretty early for me to update though, but I already got something for you people. A 3D Wallpaper of the planet express ship, I also put it in the 3D Art section.

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    Americas crudiest Home updates

    Yep that's what this in, a shameful attempt to update the site with something. The only thing I can give you for today cause it's so late (yes I always have those unoriginal excuses don't I?) is a nibbler in his spacecraft 3d shot.

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    The results are in!

    Last weekend the Annie Awards - an annual competition for animated shows and movies - announced the winners. This year's host was Billy West, known for his voice overs for Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Zapp and others. Futurama was nominated in three categories this year, but now ... the results:
    • Cat. #8: Outstanding achievement in a primetime or late night animated TV production
      winner: The Simpsons (Gracie Films + 20th century FOX)
      competitors: Futurama, Invader Zim, Fairly OddParents, Time Squad
    • Cat. #20: Outstanding individual achievement for writing in an animated TV Production
      winner: Ron Weiner- Futurama "Luck of the Fryrish"
      competitors: Paul Dini (Batman Beyond "Out of the Past"), Al Jean (The Simpsons "Homr"), Garland Testa (King of the Hill "Chasing Bobby"), William Waldner (Captain Sturdy "Back in Action")
    • Cat. #25: Outstanding individual achievement for voice acting by a male performer in an animated TV production
      winner: John DiMaggio - As the voice of Bender in Futurama "Bendless Love"
      competitors: Richard Horvitz (Zim in Invader Zim), Kevin Conroy (Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond "Out of the Past"), Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob in Sponge Bob Square Pants "Wormy"), David Ogden Stiers (Mr. Jolly in Disney's Teacher's Pet "Pet Project")
    source: annieawards.org
    FFU rulz!

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    Take that you stupid corn!

    So.. There! After a great time i've done another episode
    ... I know, but i've had a lot of school things and junk, but now i'm back :) Not that I was gone, but you know.. uhm.. anyway. Just listen to the damn sounds, ok?

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    And the lord shall eat him.

    Not much for today. Get 3 new ascii pictures made by me. There might be another update from me later on but I can't promise anything :)

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    It's huge! Can I touch it?

    Officer 1BDI submitted 2 new fan fictions for CGEF to share to the world. Check them out here. I was concentrating on a new game last week, I decided not to release it until today because of bug search. It's called Space Invaders multiplayer, or just SI3kX. You can play this game over the internet using TCP/IP and over a network.

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    W00t? w00t? An update by J00n?

    I updated the promo pictures section with about 20 new pictures. Check them out here. Btw, check out Duff And Pretzels, The Leela zone, futurama merchandise page, and alien unlimited because they helped out a 'lil bit in the promo section. In other news, I noticed that CGEF has no Questions & Answers section... So I took the liberty to make one... Which is now located here. If you have any questions, be sure to email me them and I will add it.

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    goodevening ladies and germs.

    Ok, first of all I want to apologize for the lack of updates from my side, but I had a big test I had to study for so I made paul and mArc do all the updating. I added 4 new flash games to the area made by Jarnik. So check them out.

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    Honk Honk

    short update for yous:
    Jarnik from SSF gave us permision to host his Bender racer game. It's a Flash game, so you don't have to install it on your computer. Have fun!

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    Wallpaper Heaven

    My first sort of substantial update, after having my arm twisted by Andie.

    My first batch of wallpapers are here for your perusal, all have made their appearance on the web, on one or more sites. The three come from "Luck Of The Fryrish" showing a sorrowful looking Fry as reality strikes in a big way, "Insane In The Mainframe", with Leela giving Fry what he needs to become human and last but not least from "A Bicyclops Built For Two", comes a sad looking Leela in her wedding dress.

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    You've got mail! It's not Spam!

    Want to have jimmy@gotfuturama.com? Well, too bad.
    Or maybe not; here is the deal: We'll have a little contest and the three best entries by sunday will get "yourname@gotfuturama.com" mail forwarders, meaning, all mail sent to those addresses will be forwarded to your normal account. Now what do you have to do for that? Well, easy, sent me a mail at marc@gotfuturama.com and tell what you are missing on CGEF (besides episode downloads). We can't promise the suggestions will one day be added, but we will see what we can make happen.

    Now on the less serious news line, this sounds like a plan: (as read on Yahoo!News)

    "Also noting the vulnerability of centralized systems, Dyson

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    Hear ye, hear ye...

    welcome back to get your daily dose of futurama. Addicting isn't it? Excellent, I've got you under my contr.. hehhey, I have updated the lists and references page with a more accurate futurama history overview, I'll make an image one soon. Check it out here. I've also updated the icon page with some new icons based on the scans of paul. Get them here. Enjoy, and don't forget to check back, you know you want to :P

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    Your men are already dead.

    I want to announce that CGEF has a new area called flash animations. We only have the 3 Neo bender animations at this moment but if you have some more cool animations please submit them to me. Check out the Neo bender ones here. Have fun.

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    No updates today...

    Nah I'm only fooling with you, I do have an update :) I just finished my latest game. I'm probably boring you with all these games I'm making but it's like the only thing you can do in off season :P Get the game from here. By the way this is not the special game I was talking about :P

    Futurama downloaded into your brains
    or maybe not... Check out this interesting post of what fox might do to screw up futurama for this year. Click here to read the article.

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    Better Add Something Myself.

    It's good see CGEF back up and rocking after over 6 months away, and I'm happy to be part of the staff, most of you will know me from my site Futurama Scan Art Central and over the course of time, I will be adding some more scans and wallpapers to the site.

    In addition, I'll try and persuade some fellow artists to contribute to this site as well, to help make it the success it used to be.

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    When Jon wins, everybody wins!

    I come baring gifts! Yes, CGEF now has a link section and Web News section! And I hope to keep it up-to-date by the help of me, and others. The links section at the moment has 12 links to various Futurama web sites. But if you want to be listed, please add a button or text link to CGEF and email me to add you. As for Web news, I made an article stating what has happened within the last 6 months of the Futurama net community. And if YOU have any Web News, please submit it to me and I will post it. Please keep in mind that I will not update the main page (this page) when I update the web news section. So, be sure to check that section out often.

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    Dude, my hands are huge

    Hey, sorry for the late update for today, I know I always have one ready earlier, but I Had to study for school and I am working on a new game that will be totally different from my other games. But for now enjoy this 3D model of fry by deathcharge in the 3D section (here).

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    Add it! Add it! Add it!

    This is going to be one of the very few updates you will see by me. Anyway, our merchandise imp wouldn't rest 'til I'd add a comic review script. Here you are Jon.
    As Comic #6 is fairly new, read through it again before it catches dust and then have a shot at doing a review.

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    Kill all humans... kill all humans...

    While checking back through the remains of the ancient ruins of Old CGEF I found 17 HalfLife decals so I added them to the game addon section (here). Expect more updates from me today.

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    something involving that many big words

    could easilly destabilize time itself. :) I added another scan page of Jon's scans. If you want to submit scans to me, everyone is welcome to chip in :)

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    Doomsday device you say???

    There we go! Even more sounds for you guys, hot of the nebula. Now from time keeps on slippin' ..and yeah, just mail me if you find something wrong! You know what they say.. even the best ones make mistakes... :P

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    Zoidy wanna buy on margin!

    It seems to be zoidberg games day :) Actually there is only one new game and it's called Zoidberg extreme skiing. You have to go downhill and evade the fences you pass by jumping over it. Click here to get it. I also updated a small bug that could lead to impossible gameplay in Sperm Rider for slower computers. It now has a 3 second margin till the fireballs start shooting, this should solve the 3 at once bug. PS: If you're having problems with speed, you can always just turn off the sound, that should make things run smoother.

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    Subject eh? what subject?

    Hey, Jon here to say that I just updated the Promo Pics section with 11, yes you heard me, 11 new promotional cards! Go check them out by clicking here. And if you have any magazine covers or promotional cards, please email them to me and I will update that section with them.

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    Bender crack corn and he is great!

    Thanks to Johannes, I made the lyrics list (here) up to date. You can now check all the songs of all the seasons. He is also going to help us with the renewal of the lists and references so keep your eyes open

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    They call me Mr. Sound

    Hey there! This is my first update....
    I've been doing some more sounds w/description lately (psst.... thanks for helping me out with them descriptions edeltraut!). The latest one is now 'A Big Piece Of Garbage' I've started on season 3 now, and is moving my way through the episodes backwards!


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    Sperm? What the hell is that...

    Hey guys, it's my first update since the reopening yesterday, I hope you all enjoyed it and ofcourse enjoyed the trick or treating :P Well what I got for you guys today are 2 new scans. One of the Ebay Alien and one of Hitler himself (well not really, it was on the scary door) . And I also catched some information on IGN.com about the new season, so check it out here. I also updated the version of sperm rider to remove the high score bug :)

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