Futurama Calendar 2003

The Futurama Calendar 2003 finally went on sale today! The 12x12 (trim size), 24 page calendar with Futurama motives has an official price of $12.99 according to HarperEntertainment.

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Futurama Winamp Skins

I got some winamp skins from Jono, but I lost the first one, if you read this, can you resubmit it. I uploaded the one I already got I hope this will set you people off to make your own skins Enjoy

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Futurama TV ratings

Yesterday's TV rating for the Futurama rerun of "That's Lobstertainment!" was back to the show's low: (2.8/5). Only solace: At (2.6/5) the show following it (Greg the Bunny) was even slightly worse in rating terms.
Here is a short overview of the previews Futurama reruns this summer:
  • (3.2/6) A Leela of her own
  • (3.1/6) A Pharaoh to Remember
  • (2.8/5) Anthology of Interest II / Leela's Homeworld combined
  • (2.9/6) Love & Rocket
  • (3.2/6) Roswell That Ends Well

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More, more, more... scans

Hi guys, I made a new scan of the startrek priest. I also got 2 new wallpapers from Jelle De Herdt. I think they're quite nice for his first attempt and he assured he'd make more

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Futurama at 7PM: Lobstertainment

After a few weeks without Futurama episodes, today will bring us a rerun of "That's Lobstertainment!" in which Zoidberg tries to learn the art of comedy. This season 3 episode was sadly rated "Worst Episode Ever" by our visitors but I think it still has some quality. Check out the Episode Capsule I prepared for you and submit missing things!

Next week: Futurestock
Week after: 30% Iron Chef

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various updates

Nasteve sent in some more guitar tabs for various small sound parts of the show.

Our visitor PCC Fred got this letter printed in the British SFX magazine:
Dear SFX,
During your review of Futurama's fourth season in the June issue, you ask "why isn't anybody watching this?"
There are two reasons. First, bad scheduling. In the US it's scheduled at a time where it's continually knocked off air by overrunning American football matches. On C4 it's shown far too early, and is then subject to a "C4 edit". In both cases it puts people off watching it.
Second is lack of publicity. Except for when it actually started, Futurama has had little publicity on Sky or C4, and rarely gets mentioned in TV magazines. Even SFX isn't immune to this. The article in the June issue aside, there's been little coverage of the show. There was no review of the first season VHS/DVD releases, and even the show's cancellation only warranted a couple of inches of column space, with no mention of the online campaign to save the show at www.gotfuturama.com .
It's a real shame that the show's been cancelled, because it's been one of the most well-written and wittiest shows to come out of America in years.
Good points. Now, your turn to nag your TV magazine or press to write something up! Many of them have online sites with contact email addresses. Just point them to this site and ask nicely if they would like to have some article up in their magazine.

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Futurama Has a Future?

A little article appeared on the British Channel 4 Teletext (that's the small man's version of the internet) today tells us PCC Fred on PEEL:

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening says his sci-fi cartoon Futurama is not doomed, even though US network FOX is threatening to wield the axe. [...] Groening said "It's not over. We are trying to keep it alive with movies, cartoons, video games, toys and comic books." [...] He said "If it's not Futurama, we are going to work on another project. I have a couple of series in the works and TV shows I want to do."

Dunno what to think about it. The last sentence looks dire.
Read the whole article.

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Luck of the Fryrish Sounds

The quotes and sounds for "The Luck of the Fryrish" are in. The episode isn't full of punch lines really, but sure one of Futurama's highlights story wise. Rewatch it if you can.

"Noticeably F.A.T. drop us a beat!"

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Fanart, yes Fanart

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S2 DVDs postponed?

Payndz from ANSTATMAW told us in this PEEL thread that the UK Season 2 DVDs will probably be postponed to November (the 11th possibly).
Not sure what that means to the other European dates, but it might postpone these also.

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Jo Jo, these are icons

Jo Jo sent me a cool pack of icons made by fanart and scans, you can check it out in the icons area or you can download the new icon pack here directly.

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Fall schedule uncertain?

According to reuters, FOX's President Gail Berman is some worried about the possible strike by baseball players as the network's schedule "relies heavily on Major League Baseball playoffs.

"Berman and Grushow said they had contingencies in the works in the event of a strike, but were tight-lipped on what those plans might be."

My advice: Try showing Futurama in a predictable manner this year maybe?

UPDATE: According to AICN - which refers to FOX sources - Futurama will start its '5th' season (the left-over episodes from season 3 and 4) on November the 10th.

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1 sound, is this an update?

I guess it'll have to be something like it, well I've been getting some emails from people asking to post this song that bender was singing at the beginning of the 'Bending In The Wind', well now we have it And by this I'm announcing that I will do some work on the Sounds area because it's the poorest part of the site at the moment

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No Futurama Today

In case you forgot: No Futurama episode today.
Instead we get four consecutive Simpsons episodes.

Next Sunday: That's Lobstertainment!
The Sunday after: Futurestock

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PEELy Comics

Kennedy started drawing a neat comic strip series featuring different PEELers in their Futurama alter ego form. Go have a look and sign up at PEEL; the crowd there is rather nice.

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Futurama Season 2 DVD Details

I put together a small article which collects and recalls the known details about the forthcoming Futurama Season 2 DVD release (region 2 only). New things will be added as we become aware of them.

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Futurama Capsule: Futurestocks

The Episode capsule for Futurestocks is now up for submissions. See if you can find anything that's not on the list!

Also, I went through the submissions for the other capsules and updated the txt files, which you can find on the capsule overview.

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Another wonderful program.

You can't really call it a game, you can't really call it a flash movie and you can't really call it a piece of software. Well I had to decide so I thought it'd fit here It's a cool program that gives you the opportunity to try killing bender with a homicide booth, you'll find out that that won't be so easy Check out this cool gizmo made by Travis Twilt better known as Travis "Deathcharge" T.

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Futurama Emmy Nomination!

Today, the nominations for the 54th Annual Emmy Awards were published and ... Futurama is listed for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour)!
More precisely, the episode "Roswell That Ends Well" got nominated together with "As Told By Ginger - Lunatic Lake", King Of The Hill - "Bobby Goes Nuts" (yeah, right ...), "The Simpsons - She Of Little Faith" and "South Park - Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants" (gets the patriotic bonus I suppose ...)

Well, seeing how great just that Futurama episode was both written and animated, we sure can hope. It seems like this also was the first episode in which Roughdraft experimented with motion blurring in fast scenes and it came out pretty nice without being disturbing (eg, it was only noticeable when looking a second time, which is good).

Maybe FOX gets a clue through this?

    Futurama Emmy history:
  • "A Big Piece of Garbage" nominated for Outstanding Animated Program in 1999.
  • Bari Kumar won the juried Individual Achievement in Animation 2000 Award (A Bicyclops Built for Two)
  • "Amazon Women in the Mood" nominated for the 2001 Animated Program (Less Than One Hour)
  • "Parasites Lost" storyboard artist Rodney Clouden won the 2001 Emmy award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation

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Filthy Filthy Chat is back

We had some problem with our Futurama chatroom after switching servers, but now it should be working again. If you are familiar with IRC, the server is irc.sick-du.de and the channel #futuramachat. If not, just use our web interface.

In case you have problems, use the comments on this news entry.

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The summer of fanart

I received another batch of Juliet fanart, she still manages to upload me a pile to share it with the rest of you fans, I hope you enjoy it. Also Otis chipped in for todays update again with a nice drawing with PEEL on them (pretty nice).

* Extra Extra : A chalk fanart made by FrysGIRL.

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No Comprised Wallpaper

Paul uploaded a new FanFic of his called "No Compromises" which already comes with a second part. Make sure you rate it after reading!

And then, his neutralness MiStyKiLL from Switzerland gave me a new wallpaper in three sizes. Thanks!

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Futurama Season 2 DVD: Germany

The Germans can now preorder the much awaited Season 2 DVD set at amazon.de. With

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Futurama Capsule: Godfellas

I added one of my favourite episodes - "Godfellas" - to the mix of Futurama capsules that are open for submissions. The additions work out quite nice. Hopefully we will have all season 4 capsules up soon.

Normally I'd wait for an episode to reair before I add the capsule, but FOX won't show Futurama the next two Sundays and then go for the rather weak "That's Lobstertainment" out of season 3 instead of continuing with Futurama's season 4.

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FOX does a funny.

With the looming release of the Futurama Season 2 DVDs around Europe, it seems rather strange that FOX still upholds its idea to artificially withhold the release of the Futurama Season 1 DVDs in the USA. The whole situation could be resolved by either releasing the DVDs in all regions at the same time or by making
them "region-0", which allows playing the DVDs on any DVD player. They don't want that for syndication reasons.

Now, ironically, FOX in the UK tells its Simpsons fans "no idea whatsoever what regional coding means. But it is essential that you buy a multi-regional player."

Maybe - just maybe - all the trouble is with FOX's policy not to sell DVDs internationally at (about) the same time? Nah ... It must be us with the wrong players ...

PS: The UK and German Simpsons Season 2 are now out.
USA to follow in August.

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Fanart keeps coming in.

Ok I processed another batch of fanart, I gave voice of the many an own section. And another artist joined the club and did 2 great ones for us, check them out in the various submitters section (under the name futurefreak). Well enjoy.

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Futurama TV Rating: #2

The Futurama episode "Where the Buggalo Roam" managed to get a slightly above average (3.4/7) rating which sufficed to make it no 2 for the hour - only "60 Minutes" on CBS got higher (and way higher with 9.2/17).
The second place was mostly due to weak competition though.

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No Futurama for 2 weeks

Well, the headline says it: Futurama is going to be pre-empted the next two sundays.

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More Season 2 dvd news

For everyone who was worried that the cancellation of futurama would lead to no more season 2 dvds, don't be. Because it's already announced. For people who know french read the article about it here. Or check out the episode line up that will be in the dvd here. The dvd should is announced in europe on 16 Oct 2002

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Capsule Overview

As many of you already futilely tried accessing
/Information/Capsules/, I finally made the overview to the Episode Capsules available. For now there are 8 listed and more to come over time. Today I added "Where the Buggalo Roam" (txt) as it airs at 7PM and "Tale of two Santas" (txt) as i felt like it :p

Make sure you add all the things which you notice so that the documents thrieve. We'll try to go through the submissions once a week and add them to the final files.

Also: Today is the last "10% off day" on eMerchandise, so go there and see if you find something nice. That's an order soldier.

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Futurama on Sunday: Buggalo

Tomorrow at 7PM we'll see the next Futurama episode on FOX:
In Where the Buggalo Roam, Amy brings her most recent boyfriend, Kif, home to meet the family. When an entire herd of the Wongs' buggalo suddenly disappear, Kif offers to go after the rustlers.

But this episode isn't only for the shippers among you, it got a nice 80% rating by the visitors here on CGEF.
My favourite quote:
Amy to Kif: "Is that your camouflage reflex? Or .. are you just happy to see me?"

Next up on Sunday 14th: No Futurama.

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More fanart!

More fanart from various artists like Juliet, Voice of the many and andrea huckstep. Go check it out

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Zapp and Kiff Soundboard

Space Monkey from jamsandwhich.com made a nice soundboard with quotes from Zapp and Kif. I placed it into our Other Sounds area. Thanks to the Monkey and enjoy.
PS: loading takes some, 1.8mb

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Merchandise -10%

eMerchandise has reduced the prices of about all articles by 10% for the next 3 days.
So, have a look at their Futurama merchandise, Simpsons Merchandise and all the other hot stuff.

Remember: With every item you buy there coming through the links above, you help out CGEF, too. So, get out daddy's credit card and send us to college already!
Well, or just use your own and help us with paying the cost for the site ;)

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More fanart? Impossible!

It keeps flowing in, Impossible sent us another batch of new fanart pictures. Also Otis P. Jivefunk send us this very good artwork of a complete movement of bender jumping, it's pretty amazing, you can find it in the general submitters area. There is more fanart to come, if you submitted something and it hasn't been put online, it will soon

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Leela's Own TV Rating

Last Sunday's TV rating for Futurama was pretty much what seems to be the show's average during repeats in summer: (3.2/6).

The 7PM slot (like always) was dominated by a (8.9/17) '60 minutes' on CBS. King of the Hill took over from Futurama with (3.5/7).

The overall repeat count on the 6 networks was as high as 72 percent.

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Futurama T-Shirts *Updated*

Finally, eMerchandise managed to get their hands on a limited quantity of the "The Future is Today - Worry about it Tomorrow" Futurama T-Shirt. The L-sized, dark olive green cotton shirt with black sleeves and v-neck comes for $18.95 and is shipped worldwide.
Last time they had some and I announced it, they were gone after a few days. Hope they got some more this time but they list them as limited. Click the image on the right to see a bigger picture.

Update: Told you. They are all gone already. Try TShirt-King ($17.99, charcoal, medium size, "Don't let the human race destroy outer space!" slogan. Only limited quantities, too!)

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