Australian S3 DVD Problems

Multiple people have reported that their Australian Futurama Season 3 DVD set is causing problems with disc 1 and 4. If your discs get stuck after the legal warnings, I recommend that you call the publically listed FOX Home Entertainment customer support line at 1300 369 843. I'm sure they'll offer some remedy once they know it's not just one person having problems.
If this is no option, try getting your money back from your vendor and buy at a different store. Not all batches seem to be affected.

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A bit on Groening's Background

An article called "Nonconformist Evergreen gains esteem - elsewhere" in the Seattle Times by Andrew Garber might be of interest for some fans of Matt Groening.

Evergreen State is a somewhat controversial college at which Matt spent his upper education time. In contrast to other colleges, there are no marks but written evaluations and courses are way less fixed than in other universities and colleges. Matt is quoted as saying "we were told we were throwing our careers away" and listed as one of the famous alumni.

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Futurama Run On TBS Ends

As the schedule on top indicates, Futurama is no longer being aired on TBS Superstation. Their customer department confirmed to me that Futurama was a limited summer run and won't be running on their network anymore.
With most kids at school during Futurama's former TBS time slot, it would hardly make sense to keep it running. Bill Cosby and The Fresh Prince are going to take over from here.

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Futurama Wallpaper-o-rama

If you liked the scans I presented you from Mercapto, you will surely love his high quality wallpapers. I'm also using one of them Enjoy the new additions to the wallpapers

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Futurama Season 4 DVD Details

For future reference, I've put the available information on the upcoming Futurama Season 4 DVD release (UK) on a dedicated page. Should new things come up, they'll be added there.

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Season 5 in Australia

Australian 'Channel 7' seems to be airing Futurama Season 5 on Tuesdays at 11:30PM now. Next episode to air is "A Taste of Freedom" on the 30th.

Also, the Futurama Season 3 DVD set was released downunder today.

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Comics Signing in Santa Barbara

As Jon told you a few weeks ago, there's a comic book signing on Saturday 20th in Santa Barbara, California. So, now for the details:

Bongo Comics Group - FuturamaThe event is held by Metro Comics on the 5th Annual Book & Author Festival taking place in De la Guerra Plaza. Signing will be Simpsons Comics colorist & artist Nathan Kane and Futurama art director Bill Morrison. The whole thing starts at noon, but you might want to get there some early (doors open at 10am). No admission fee is being asked, but you have to buy either a Futurama-O-Rama copy or one of the Simpsons ones for about $10 to $15 each. Bongo people usually don't sign non-Bongo things anymore.
If anyone with a digi cam goes there, make sure to mail us some pictures.

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Another Repeat On FOX

"In our darkest hour we can stand erect with proud, upthrust bosoms!"

What's that? Futurama on FOX?

According to zap2it's TV Guide, FOX is going to show a repeat of the McSeason5 episode "A Taste of Freedom" on Sunday 28th. However, it seems to be limited to the westcoast and mountain area due to NFL.
This coming Sunday, the 7pm spot is taken over by "Countdown to the Emmys" programming.

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Futurama Season 4 DVD Preorder

Not trying to upset the Americans or anything, but Europeans can now preorder the 4ACV Futurama DVD set for November 17th at While they first had it at 12% off, I now feel well about sending you their way as they changed it to 30% off, making it £27.99.

This set includes the final 18 episodes produced by FOX complete with a commentary track for each of them. For the other extras, check our previous news on it.

As many of the non-English European nations aren't done with airing Futurama on TV, I very much doubt that their local versions will be available anytime soon. I had no problems importing Season 3 from the UK though (came out cheaper than ordering it locally here...). Futurama is best with its original English sound anyway. Non-Europeans with PAL/Region2 players can of course get happy with it, too.

UPDATE: When I posted this news, it was on DVD sales rank 205. A few hours later it made it to #25 and right now it's #7 topseller and #5 in preorders. Good work, whoever of you is buying
UPDATE UPDATE: Order rank #4 now; preorder rank #2! Even the soon to be released Simpsons Season 3 is nowhere close to that right now (Order #36).

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Change in CGEF News System

A short meta update: We changed our news system yesterday evening. If you experience any problems, use the comments. If the comments are the problem, email me

As the comments are now paged for topics with too many entries (after 40 comments each) and my mouse wheel is getting a bit stressed, I added a link that will a bring you directly to the last comment posted. This blue arrow will only show up on topics with more than one comment.

UPDATE: As a bonus from the change, you can now search our news for junk. Search box is with the others on the bottom of the right-side menu.

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Simpsons wins Emmy over Futurama

Tonight marked the year's biggest event regarding TV animation awards as the 55th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards in the Creative Arts categories were handed out at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. After winning its Outstanding Animated Program category last year with "Roswell That Ends Well", Futurama again was nominated this time around -- even though it had already received the letter of no confidence by FOX.

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This year, the quite contentious episode "Jurassic Bark" had to bare its teeth as Groening's older brain child "The Simpsons" played the PC card with "Three Gays Of The Condo". Also nominated were episodes of "As Told By Ginger", "Kim Possible" and "SpongeBob SquarePants".

Gay beats dog tears. Looking at the episodes at hand, I personally of course don't agree, but The Simpsons win this round and thus the Emmy at least stays "within the family". But I still have to congratulate executive producers Matt Groening, David X. Cohen and Ken Keeler, writer Eric Kaplan, director Swinton Scott and everyone else who made this dog die miserably and lonely. You guys brought the Emmy tally up to 4 nominations, 1 win and 2 juried/personal achievement awards in just 4 production seasons. Certain other cartoon shows running prime time on FOX and latenight on cable didn't even make the list this year. And that doesn't even have to be it as all episodes starting with "The Sting" are up for possible nomination next year. Go for it!

As for those of us who weren't actually able to be at the Auditorium, don't miss the shortened broadcast of the event which E! TV will be broadcasting on the 19th at 6-8 p.m. ET/PT.

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Trivia and other crapola!

You probably noticed that the last episode that needed trivia was The Farnsworth Parabox. Well, fear no more, it's there I also got some wonderful scans/fanart from Mercapto. You remember when Otis P. Jivefunk did that futurama characters picture? Sure you do... well he made a new one that has all the new characters.

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Trivia: Pick your brain!

Actually don't. If you seriously think you are the trivia master, and you think the Episode Trivia are too easy. Then try out the Random Trivia, it picks questions from the normal trivia from several episodes. This way you can test out your overall knowledge of futurama

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Futurama #1 on CN in July

After taking #1 of all Cartoon Network telecasts in in June, the release of the July data shows Futurama's 'A Flight to Remember' as the most watched program on Cartoon Network for that month. Total rating was up from its June 2.4/5 rating record to 2.7/5. Not only that, it also landed #2, #3, #6, #8, #10 and then 10 more in the top 100 list even though it was only on for 3 of the month's weeks. The remaining 4 slots in the top 10 went to Family Guy.
Thanks go to lfv for matching up the data.

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FanArt : Feeling motivated?

Feeling motivated? Stop it by using these wonderful demotivational posters made by Max Liang That way you'll never be too eager to do anything. Also check out this wonderful 3D REAL looking picture of Fry and Leela by Jon Dixon. Great stuff

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Farnsworth for the West

Westcoast viewers tonight at 7 get to see what seems to be the last Futurama rerun on FOX. The Farnsworth Parabox is a quite high rated episode centered around a mysterious box which the professor wants to get rid of before anyone looks into it...

Viewers in the East and Central time zones get big guys rolling over eachother in mud.

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3D Madness: Part Two

As promised AND thanks to the creator of the models, 2 wallpapers based on the 2 3D models. I also want to draw your attention to 2 awesome 3D movies made by who else than our good old Travis "Deathcharge" T. One movie covers the battle of zapp brannigan against the killbots, the other is a parody on STAR WARS. Thanks to PimpBunnies (also home of my online comics) for hosting the movies.

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Creative Emmys on E! TV

This year's prime-time creative Emmys Awards are going through a bit of change in regard to the ceremony compared to prior years. Due to the length of the whole thing (about 4 hours), the event is going to be split into a 3PM Engineering & Interactive Media and a 5PM Creative Arts event with an intermission at 4. Unlike the "non-creative" Emmys (the big guys), there won't be a live or full length telecast on the 13th of this month. However, E! will broadcast a cut version on September 19th at 6-8 p.m. ET/PT. We'll have to hope that they include the animation award for which Futurama was nominated and won last year, but I don't see why they wouldn't.
If you don't want to take chances, there supposedly still are openings available to persons of age 18 and above.

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3D Rendering madness!

If you are like Db, and like 3D Rendering, this update is for you He submitted 2 wonderful 3D Models to me, he made them in Wings 3d and should be usable in most 3D rendering software. I will soon post some pictures of the models in action, so the people who can't use 3D models can check it out too

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FuturamaChat update

The Java applet for our FuturamaChat got exchanged today after having too much troubles with the old ones. Feel free to join using either that or by pointing your favourite IRC client to #futuramachat on
You'll often find the CGEF people there, too. However, don't expect the topic to be Futurama 24/7

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Futurama Theme Remix by Cheeez

Added an remix of the Futurama Theme by Peeler Cheeez to our sounds collection. It's about a megabyte in a zip-file.

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More Season 3 DVD Releases

While it's been out in the UK and some other European nations for a while now, sad chums throughout the world still have to wait for their local version of the Futurama Season 3 DVD set. September will see this change for some as Germany is ready to go on Saturday 6th and Spain is to follow suit on Wednesday 10th. A little bit further down the road, the Australians get their fix on Wednesday the 24th. Americans still have to wait though: No confirmed date announced.
Read our detailed review of the UK version in between looking for coins under the sofa.

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