Season 4 DVD Review

It's been a week since the final DVDs have been released in the UK and I finally managed to write a review for the undecided (shame on you!)
For the reading lazy ones: go get them!
For the reading lazy Aussies: looks like you can already get them, too.
For the rest: read the Futurama Season 4 DVD review.

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Futurama Volume 3 in March

It seems that people with a region 1 DVD player will only have to wait until 9th March for the 3rd Season:

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Futurama Volume 3 for 9th March 2004 with a retail price of $49.98. This set contains all 22 episodes from the third (production) season spread across four discs
read the whole list of features at DVD Times or at our own detailed review of the EU version

UPDATE: And here's your preorder possibility at amazon for 30% off.

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Fan Fiction & Pocket PC madness

Hey, it's me again Zomono sent me his new fan fiction stories. I also want to use this update as a request for the fan fiction artists, if you send in your work please (if possible) save it in a html document so I can process it easier. We also have 10 new kickass Pocket PC themes, this makes me want to buy one even more... Enjoy the new stuff!

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What Makes a Hit a Hit?

Dr Dave notified me about an article on Animation World Magazine called "What Makes a Hit a Hit?". For Futurama fans, page 3 is of special interest as it recaps and details the situation Futurama was in compared to The Simpsons and Family Guy.
Talking about the possible resurrection of the later, Cartoon Network's Mike Lazzo tells us
Family Guy has sold a large number of DVDs for FOX, so there has been interest to a degree in that property. We've been talking for months about that type of thing [a joint effort] with FOX. [...] There hasn't been an equivalent situation with Futurama to date. It did quite well on DVD but didn

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"Your Order Has Dispatched"

Several people got their dispatch notice for the UK Futurama Season 4 DVD set over the last few days/hours. I've also heard of a few people who already got it through vendors sending them early on.
Since I won't be able to review it till about the end of the week, here's a chance for you to do it yourself in our user review section.

Don't forget to order it for £28/€40 if you didn't yet
That is, if you are from Europe or your TV/DVD combo can use region 2/PAL discs from Europe.

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Return of the Family Guy?

OK, sorry, it's not Futurama. But since it had a similar fate as Futurama in most regards, I thought I'd bring it up anyway.

USA Today reports that Family Guy has a renewed chance of being revived for a 2005 season. The strong DVD sales (quite some stronger than Futurama's at least in the US) and the ratings on Cartoon Network (roughly Futurama level) seem to have been noticed by FOX 18 months after cancelling the show. Chairman Sandy Grushow reportedly called the series a 'late-blooming phenomenon that may have aired before its time'. Everyone make of that what they want...

Before you get your hopes for Futurama up too much, remember that Family Guy was quite some cheaper to produce per episode. But of course, you can always hope and then hope some more still.

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Bored of your current lifestyle?

... then color it up with 3 new PocketPC Themes by Andrew Nelson (I wish I had a PocketPC ;)). I also got some new 3D Artwork from new comer in the branch, Kevin Bell. Enjoy!

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Lesser of Two Evils Quotes

Our quotes collection now features the "Lesser of Two Evils" funnies for those with a faint memory or in need of a few laughs.
So, shut up and hoot.

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Halloween Contest Winners

Our little Halloween costume contest ended today, so, time to announce the winners and show some photos!

Costume nut Cris did an awesome Bender that was just impossible to beat. He paraded his hard work on the Las Vegas Halloween Comic Con, where he got it signed by Fry's voice actor Billy West. The costume even got glow-in-the-dark eyes and a booze filled chest compartment! 1st place out of 4 in the Robo-league.

Second winner is Margaret, who went as our favourite space captain - Leela. Humans (and mutants) are quite hard to match in costumes, but she did a good job with the hair and outfit. Attention to detail with Leela's wrist thingy won her the Humanoid league title.

The (sorry) non-winning entries by Razz, Scott, Joe and Jason together with bigger pictures of the winners can be found on the Halloween Contest page.

Cris and Margaret will be getting mail from me regarding the Futurama DVD/VHS set they'll recieve as a prize.

UPDATE: Our webmaster Jon submitted a special late entry: The "trash man from the future who's also a ninja" costume. He said he even got some (XMas?!?) candy with it!

UPDATE2: A late entry by Bray finally gives us a Zoidberg, too! Now waiting for a Nibbler entry.

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Season 4 DVD Ads

Only 18 days to go till the UK sees the final Futurama season on DVD. FOX Home Entertainment now published the ad you can see to the left in some local magazines (thanks to Clive_Evil_C for getting it to me).
Also, the trailer!
Watch it in one of two resolutions, read about it on CGEF and then go buy it for 30% less at (provided you have a europe-compatible DVD player).

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Crazy people and their Fan Fiction.

I went through the Fan Fiction emails again and got 3 new ones for you. 2 from the probably now well known Fryfan named 'I Wish I Were In Arlen' and 'Spy-A-Rama' and one by new comer Zomono ('Fry-T Night').

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Toronto Comicon... Be there!

If you live in the Toronto area this is for you, because this Friday and Saturday it's the Toronto Comicon. Ian Boothby, the writer on the Simpsons/Futurama crossover comic, will be there doing signings and talking about the upcoming four-part Time Bender Trilogy and the Simpsons/Futurama crossover. So be there, and whoever gets me a signed copy of the crossover comic or gives us some more information about the upcoming comics will get a kiss from the webmaster (just say it's for Andie from CGEF)

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Season 5 on Cartoon Network

Starting Monday 3rd, Cartoon Network will be airing Futurama's "McSeason 5" consisting out of one 3ACV and 15 4ACV episodes. You can see them mondays to thursdays at 11PM each. To make things more complex, it will be the exact 16 episodes from FOX's season 5, but in production order instead of FOX order. Complicated, eh? Just have a look at the top of this page to see what's on for the next few days

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