Route of all Evil Description

Here's the official extended description for next Sunday's Route of all evil episode:
Cubert and Dwight, sons of the Professor and Hermes, are suspended from school for illegal use of the AV equipment. Upon their return to the Planet Express, they form a business -- a competing delivery company that threatens the existence of Planet Express. Meanwhile, Leela, Fry and Bender brew up a batch of homemade beer.
Disregard the "son of the Professor" part as it's wrong.

Also: Bumper Robinson is now confirmed as the voice of Dwight and Tress MacNeille will voice a character called "Brett Blob".

Update: And the week after ... a rerun of "Leela's Homeworld" most likely.

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When Fans Call

As you probably know, this Sunday will be another rerun instead of a new episode. We are nearly in December and have only seen 2 episodes of what FOX calls a Season 5. The reason why there are no new episodes right now is Football of course. More accurately, it's the less than perfect time slot Futurama got. Next week, there will be a new Futurama episode, but ... it's going to be pre-empted for many again. Time to get involved.

Look up your local FOX affiliate phone number and give them a polite call. Ask them why there won't be a new episode this Sunday yet again. If they say Football, ask why it's not just scheduled later on seeing that there's sports on all the time. If you can't call today, plan on doing so on Monday. But call! Even if you are not on the east-coast.

If the local affiliates notice that there is a demand for Futurama to be actually shown, they might give some feedback to the HQ or at least schedule a rerun of the new episodes later the night for those areas that get pre-empted.
After you called, please give me a short email and tell me what they said. Thanks.

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Voice Work of Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny - mostly known for his SpongeBob SquarePants voice - also did a few voices on Futurama which include the robot mayor and Yancy if I remember correctly. The article "Finding his voice in cartoon world" published yesterday by The SunSpot gives some insight on the voice over business. Also, an older interview I found if you are still up to some more reading.

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Sneaking up on Johnny

John DiMaggio - the voice of Bender - can soon be seen in Roger Kumble's play 'Turnaround'. It is the third part of a Hollywood trilogy about "success, envy, back-stabbing, gratuitous name-dropping, blackberries, coke-whores and "go" movies." If you are living in/near L.A., think about seeing the Coast Playhouse, 8325 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood between January 18th (premiere) and March 2nd. Usual performances will be on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays at 8:00pm and on Saturdays at 6:00pm and 9:00pm. Tickets are $30 each (available through ticketweb or by calling 866/468-3399). Don't forget some panties for throwing purposes (but wait till after the performance).

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Two weeks and counting

Today and next week, there will be no new Futurama on TV but reruns. However, Sunday Dec 8th, Season "5" will be continued with the last remaining episode out of the third(!) production run: "The Route of All Evil". In that episode, Farnsworth's clone Cubert and Hermes' son Dwight set up a competing delivery service, putting Planet Express out of business.
This episode was meant to introduce Dwight to us but the dark wizards at FOX decided to just postpone that until now and have Dwight face up in "A Leela of her own" and "Anthology of Interest 2" without any explanation.

Guest star: Cosby kid Bumper Robinson probably as Dwight.

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Futurama Back in Australia

Besides this week's Season 1 DVD release, Australia is getting Futurama (Season 3) back on free TV starting Thursday, December 5th at 10.25pm.
According to, Channel 7 will kick it off with a double header consisting out of The Honking and War Is the H-Word.

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Dub The Frame: Swimming Dog

A new round of "Dub The Frame" has started. This time it's from the scene where Fry is at Panucci's Pizzeria watching his dog. Try to be remotely funny

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More fanart to guides... or something

I added the latest guide of shadowstar. Also erdrik sent us his latest fanart work. That's everything I got for today

The very popularslurmcan is available again at $6.99, so hurry up cause it's always sold out pretty quick. Slurm - it's highly addictive :)

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Jurassic Bark Mini FAQ

I'll use this space to answer some questions and remark on some info I got by email numerous times. Most of this can be found in the updated Jurassic Bark Capsule.

  • In the scene where Fry is in the Cryo Labs, there is a Nibblonian Eye in the waste basket.
  • A bit later one can see the shadow of a Nibblonian just like in Space Pilot 3k. However, there is a second shadow this time. Wait for "The Why of Fry" for the solution to this.
  • The song at the end is "I will wait for you". It was composed by Michel Legrand and sung by many artists. This version has Connie Francis.
  • There are many stories about "dog waiting for owner after death for many years". One would be Old Shep, another Hachiko.
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    Saddest Futurama News Ever

    This is probably both the weirdest and saddest context I saw Futurama in till now.

    Alhambra 'White Fence Gang' member Daniel Jesus Arzaga got his first day in court yesterday for an April 22nd 2001 shooting of his girlfriend, her brother and her grandmother. The girl and the grandmother both survived with a bullet in their necks while 12 year old Timothy Kappos died. He was fatally shot while watching the premiere of Futurama: "Bendin' In The Wind".

    Sorry, nothing fun to this news entry. Things just don't end funny every time.

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    Jurassic Rating and Episode Outlook

    Jeez, our visitors are a bunch of whiney pansies... Nah, you are all great

    Last Sunday's Episode "Jurassic Bark" managed to score an above average 6.9/10 overnight Nielsen rating, beating those of both Malcom episodes. It's been a while since we saw that magic second digit behind the the slash The reviews look like 90% absolutely loved it and 10% absolutely hated it. Also, I noticed how lots of new people ran off to the search engines and found us yesterday. All good signs.

    Let's hope that these people who just found the greatness of Futurama are able to cope with the next two weeks which ... are reruns and sports...

    Sunday Nov 24th: "Where no fan has gone before"
    Sunday Dec 1st: "Love & Rocket"

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    Jurassic Bark

    I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful episode, it's now one of my favorites. And of course, we have got a nice big update for you. The site was updated with the following 'Jurassic Bark' goodies:
    • Framegrabs
    • We got 250 high quality framegrabs for you to check out. Use it to relive the moment or if your affiliate showed the episode "in progress" again.
    • Sounds & Quotes
    • Seymour Asses? What's this about asses? Well if you want to check back on important quotes of the episode or to listen to them, this is the place to be.
    • Scans
    • I made 2 scans this time, they're very revealing. When the producers said this season was going to be revealing they weren't joking
    • Trivia
    • Hey wiseguy, think you know everything. Check out the trivia
    Think this is all? Nope, now it's your turn to contribute
    • Reviews
    • If you're the type who always wants to give his 2 cents, well then give them about the latest episode. If you don't, also give your opinion :)
    • Capsules
    • Also the capsule submitting page of 'Jurassic Bark' is up. Check out the txt version.
    Now go contribute.

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    Futurama Today: Jurassic Bark

    Don't forget to try watching Futurama today. You got good chances in Dallas, Green Bay, New Orleans and Washington, somewhat good chances in Atlanta, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Houston and not so good chances in Charlotte, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, Miami, Nashville, Pittsburgh and Tampa.

    Today's 7pm episode "Jurassic Bark" is about Fry finding his dog as a fossil in a museum. Professor Farnsworth offers to being him back to life through cloning, but Bender fears that he'll lose his best friend through this. Expect some "hot" scenes which Groening and Cohen talked about in their Cinescape article. By tomorrow, we'll bring you the episode stuff including grabs and a first capsule version. Enjoy!

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    Futurama Season 1 DVD for Australia

    The Futurama Season 1 DVDs will be available in Australia starting Wednesday, November 27th according to FOX Home Entertainment. As the discs of both Season 1 and Season 2 releases in the UK also play on Australian DVD players, we can expect that they will be exactly the same DVDs. Season 2 won't arrive any soon down there though (my guess would be more than half a year), so, you might want to import it if you want to be happy on Xmas eve.

    "Funny" sideline:
    Genre: Animation
    Country: United States of America

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    Futurama Season 4 in Germany

    The German channel Pro7 starts its Futurama season 4 run tomorrow (Saturday the 16th) at 18:00. The episode will be "Roswell gut - alles gut". Originally that (rather weak) time slot belonged to Family Guy, which they pulled mid-season. Pity with the dubbing and timeslot...

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    Fanart and scan updat-o-rama

    erdrik submitted us another romantic leela and fry picture. Also some new artists sent in their latest fan art work, like Geos and K-9000. Also check out juliet's last scan. Enjoy

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    Futurama S2 DVD set for Australia?

    Need your help here.

    Some of you might know that the Futurama Season 1 DVD set released in the UK was both region 2 (Europe) and region 4(Australia, NZ) enabled. For what reason I don't know. Maybe they planned on simply shipping left over copies to Australia later on.

    Now, the new 'Futurama DVD: Season 2' (UK version, only) also displays a legal warning for Australia (did anyone ever read them? They tell about how you aren't supposed to watch them while stationed on oil rigs...). Can anyone with a capable DVD player either confirm or dismiss the Aussie's hope of the DVDs being region 4, too?

    UPDATE: Good news! Many people confirmed that the DVDs shipped by also run on region 4 DVD players!

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    Blaming the Wizards

    For quite some people on the east coast, last Sunday turned out to be not that Futurama-ish as they wished it to be. For them it was either Football or a storm running over. Many, many others didn't watch Futurama because they simply didn't know it would (could) be on. This includes some of the people who actually worked on 'Crimes of the hot' nearly a year back. Did anyone see FOX run promotionals for its Emmy winning TV show premiere? I heard of something similar to "It all begins at 8: Simpsons, King of the Hill, Malcom in the Middle." That's a slap deluxe into the fans' and producers' faces. Or a kick into even lower regions.

    Now - looking at the November sweeps - the plot of the dark wizards seems to be paying :
    "The network's late season opener of "Futurama" Sunday was down sharply from its debut a few years ago."
    -- Gary Levin, Gannett News Service
    "Ready to call it quits: the season premiere of Fox

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    Tin Trash Can Available

    The Futurama Tin Trash Can by RixTin which Jon previewed for you some time ago is now available for $13.95 at eMerchandise. Read Jon's review for CGEF (complete with pictures) and get yourself a copy for all that waste you surely produce! Also: other Futurama merchandise they got.

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    Futurama Video Game: Spring 2003

    The UK publisher SCi has a press release on the forthcoming Futurama video game for Sony PS2, Nintendo Game Cube and Microsoft XBox.
    The story so far... The evil businesswoman Mom has bought Planet Express Deliveries from Professor Farnsworth. By doing so she now owns over fifty percent of the Earth, making her the supreme ruler. Her first step is to enslave all humanity and turn the planet into a gigantic warship to conquer the known Universe. The player

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    More season 5 stuff

    I updated the lists and references area with my latest findings of 'Crimes of the Hot'. We also updated the 'Dub the frame' game. More coming later this week

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    Futurama Season 2 DVD out in UK

    Just a quick update on this: started shipping the Season 2 DVD set last Saturday. For many inside the UK it should arrive today. People importing from abroad will of course have to wait a bit longer.
    Read our in depth review at CGEF.

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    Season 5 Galore Madness

    I hope all of you enjoyed Crimes of the Hot. If you didn't see it yet, enjoy yourself with the kickoff of Season 5. The episode just over, and cgef is here to offer you the following:
    • Framegrabs
    • - Also this season we will bring you over 200 high quality screenshots from the episode where you can relive each moment
    • Sounds & Quotes
    • - 15 sounds and quotes carefully placed on one page where you can check the sounds of the episode.
    • Scans
    • - A scan made by Andie Similon (me) where bender and the turtle are lying on the floor
    • Trivia
    • - You think you know everything about the new episode? Think again...
    • Episode Capsules
    • - You can submit all your capsule information to us, the current capsule is also online.
    • Review
    • - and finally, you can send in your opinion and review the episode. Please try to form more than one "It's cool" sentence ;)
    And doing all this, we did not stop processing the submitted artwork that many of you fans have sent in. Impossible sent in 3 new nicely drawn pictures. Go check it out. Ok this is everything I got for you today, enjoy.

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    Finally: Futurama Season 5 Premieres

    Good News everyone! I got your evening schedule for today!

    5:00pm Phone 3 friends to tell them about Futurama airing.

    6:00pm If you didn't do so yet, sign up (for free) at the Futurama Message Board PEEL, so you can post there after the episode aired.

    6:30pm Prepare the popcorn, the couch and your dog for the show.

    7:00pm Watch the episode! Does not apply in areas under the government of Football

    7:30pm Come back here to Can't Get Enough Futurama to find the Episode Reviews (please more than one sentence if possible) and the Capsule Submission pages enabled. Be part of things!

    7:45pm Check out the PEEL and the Futurama chatroom to find people to talk to about the episode. Open end!

    And tomorrow we will bring you all the usual goodies like Trivia and Quotes. Enjoy.

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    Episode Outlook For Next Weeks

    Updated the Futurama Season 5 Episode Guide with the press text for next week's episode "Jurassic Bark":
    Fry and Bender discover that the exact pizzeria Fry worked at before coming to the 30th century is on display as part of a 20th century exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Fry is horrified when he sees his dog, Seymour, petrified among the artifacts in the exhibit. Fry reacts with protest and learns that there is a possibility to clone his "best friend" back to life. Bender perceives Seymour as a threat to his friendship with Fry and gets his own Robo-puppy as competition.
    The week after, we get ... a repeat because of NFL: "Where No Fan Has Gone Before".
    And after that, we get ... another repeat most likely due to NFL. The episode title was not announced yet.

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    Rough Draft Background Info

    Rough Draft and Rough Draft Korea are the two animation studios which work(ed) on Futurama. The New York times has an article on how they were set up by artists in a garage and what they are doing now, following the steps of some of the founders: Gregg Vanzo and his wife Nikki Vanzo (Korea).
    The Glendale office, which at its height had 130 people, mostly devoted to "Futurama," is now down to 30 as they await word. "It's sad to see people go, and annoying because we'll just have to restaff again if the show comes back," Mr. Vanzo said. "But that's just the way the animation business is."
    Read the whole 2 page article called Commuting the Pacific, Unseating 'The Simpsons' at The New York Times.

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    More Season 5

    I added the preliminary Episode Guide for Season 5. Keep in mind that the dates are all subject to change (but for the one of tomorrow ). Also, for the other seasons I added some the promo pictures a week ago.

    One more articles on Gore in the new episode by AP
    on the Herald Tribune.

    And an extensive interview with Bender's vioce John DiMaggio called Drawing to a Close? Read it.

    Maybe it wasn't that stupid by FOX to get the Gore episode to the season start as it ensured some news headlines in the press.

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    Words on Season 5 Premiere

    Now, with only 2 days remaining till the Futurama Season 5 Premiere on Sunday at 7pm on FOX, it's time to tell all your friends to watch the show. Especially if they own a Nielsen rating card . And I mean it. Tell friends. And after the show, come back here to review it and help with the capsules.

    Some teasers:
    Al Gore guest-stars in the Nov. 10 season premiere of the Fox animated comedy "Futurama" as a disembodied head. In an episode written by his daughter Kristin, Gore's preserved cranium hosts an emergency summit to determine how to combat global warming caused by robot emissions. The former veep tells Entertainment Weekly that he's developed "a taste for cartoon acting. . . . I think I might have a future as a disembodied head."
    -- Washington Post
    Though I think they are wrong about the writing credits. Will have to see.
    Now, if you

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    Futurama Season 2 DVD Review

    From today on the German Futurama DVDs are shipping. Monday the 11th, the UK ones will be on their way, too. I got me a set in advance to present you an extensive Futurama DVD: Season 2 review (with pictures :p).

    If you can play r2 DVDs: Buy the Futurama DVD set! Now!
    If you can't play r2 DVDs: Find a way to play the DVDs!

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    Sounds & Quotes: A Pharaoh

    This one took a while because my previous copy had some problems with the sounds, but thanks to Arne the last missing episode sounds to complete season 4 (phew, just in time) are in: A Pharaoh to Remember.

    High Priest: "Great wall of prophecy! Reveal to us god's will that we may blindly obey."
    Crowd: "Free us from thought and responsibility."
    High Priest: "We shall read things off you!"
    Crowd: "And do them."
    (download 88kb)

    Unrelated: Found someone who went as Bender on Halloween. Anyone else? Mail us some pics

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    Dub The Frame #2

    After last week's 'Amy on man in cast' frame, have a go at Leela's parents.

    My favourite for the cast man by Teral:
    "Harold Zoid: CUT! CUT!! Oy, how many times do I have to tell you? You, the guy in the cast, you gotta emote more. Wave your arms, run around. EMOTE! Oy!"

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    Interview with John DiMaggio

    John DiMaggio - voice actor for Bender on Futurama - recently gave a nice interview to BBC. Topics are 'Becoming Bender', 'Making the show', his stand-up comedy career and of course the future of Futurama:
    "I think [for] Futurama, the chances are pretty slim. But hey, we

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    Squishy Brain Slug Pictures

    There are two new pictures of the Squishy Brain Slug in the Dark Horse gallery of the NY Pre-Toy Fair report:
  • Group picture with squishy 3-eyed fish
  • A close-up

    The figure is proposedly due to be released in February and can currently be preordered at TFAW (a Dark Horse subsidiary) for $8.99 which is 10% below the list price.
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    Futurama Board:
    Visit our strong going affiliate PEEL. Once part of CGEF, it grew to unexpected popularity and now is the board for Futurama fans.