Some Sleazy Halloween Update

Just added two fan arts featuring our favourite characters on trick or treat missions. The first one is by Futurama_Hil and the second one was submitted by Sean Murphy showing the characters of his cartoon Slacks over at DrunkDuck in Futurama costumes.

Don't forget to email in pictures of your Futurama costumes after trick-or-treating. If I get 5 or more entries, I'll make it a Futurama beauty pageant and maybe see for a DVD/VHS set for the winner For now I only got one submissions and two "letters of intend".

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It's been back for 2 years...

You might think this is some sleazy Halloween update, but it's not... Today we celebrate the rebirth of CGEF on October 31st, 2001! The last year has been a very rocky year for the show, and a very sad year, since Futurama didn't get renewed (this time officially, unlike last year). But even with a setback that big, the Futurama community is still strong and growing, and that's why CGEF hopes to serve the public another year and maybe longer...

Like we did 2 years ago:

I want to thank the following people for their help and efforts to CGEF: [-mArc-] for keeping the site alive and kicking with his ever-growing supply of content, edel for making sure that we don't make too many dumb spelling mistakes (which I often do), Jon for taking care of the merchandise, all the people from #Futuramachat and PEEL for their support to the site and friendship and of course you, the loyal visitor, for not giving up on Futurama and the community and submitting your work to us.

And happy Halloween

We damn well know that the rebirth of CGEF is the same day as Halloween, so check out my Halloweenish picture. Have fun, and hurray to CGEF and may it live another year. PS, again if you still have some Futurama related Halloween pictures, feel free to send them to mArc

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Futurama and Math

So, you are a nerd or at least a geek, right? And you like Futurama? Well, then what else would come to mind than working on a paper about some of the mathematic references in Futurama?
That was probably what Futurama fan Tom Georgoulias and certainly what I thought when Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald of Appalachian State University asked for editing help on her paper called "Futurama πk - Mathematics in the Year 3000".

The article is available as a pdf file on her Futurama page at SimpsonsMath and is expected to appear in the April 2004 issue of the undergraduate aimed Mathematical Association of America publication Math Horizons.
In addition, she will give a 10 minutes talk on it at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Phoenix, AZ, Friday, January 9, 2004 at 10:45am.

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Futurama-esque Science

While commercial suicide booths and the personal Tube Transport System haven't materialized yet, the Smell-O-Scope seems to be making advances. At least from the first looks.
CNN's offbeat syndication of the AP article "Rangers sniff out odors at big farms" features a picture of the so-called olfactometer in use. While it can't sniff particles at great distances (it does the opposite and dilutes incomming stink by an exact ratio) it sure looks just like a portable version of Farnsworth's invention.

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Some Southern Sounds

The Quotes & Sounds for The Deep South finally made it onto our site. 4 more episodes to go to complete the lot.

Hermes: "My manwich!" (listen)

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S4 DVD Menu Shots Surfaced

The British site dvdtimes published a rather extensive collection of menu shots for the upcoming November 24th release of the UK Futurama Season 4 DVD disc set. They look quite diverse and they are meant to be pretty "active", too. Have a look at the screens and if you are in command of a region 2 (Europe) DVD player, get that preordering done already

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Halloween coming up

Time for a themed design!

With Halloween, our second rebirth anniversary is coming up as we started the site at midnight on October 31st, 2001. We hope to be able to keep the site up for a longer while still and also restart some projects like the capsules, which still need quite some work and contributors.

If anyone is going to go as a Futurama character, we want to see photos! Be it a robot, mutant or Planet Express employee, get them to my email-box!

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Cheap French Futurama S1 DVDs

For all those in region 2 (Europe, Japan) who didn't get the Futurama Season 1 DVD set yet and start regretting it, French amazon has them up at

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Abstract art and fan stuff...

What is that? A abstract painting by some classy artist? Close, it's some classy 30th century tube art by Otis P Jivefunk. Some other artists like Math Smith and Nick Bachman also submitted these pictures. I hope you like them...

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Dub a Pic

Thought we might as well revive the "Dub a Pic" game and see how it develops. The rules are simple: Just post what Bender is telling the old Lady in the screen shot shown.
Make it short, fun and not obscene

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Yet one more repeat on FOX

Depending on whether or not there is a baseball game on Sunday 26th, FOX will be airing one more Futurama repeat at 7pm. So, if the World series ends after game 6, you'll see "Spanish Fry" that day. Should the 7th game be played, no Futurama. In that case, you'll have to wait one month for Cartoon Network to air it on the 26th of November.

UPDATE: Looks like Futurama will be on. Watch it!

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Meet Billy West in Las Vegas

The first Las Vegas Comic Con is set to open its gates on October 31st. While Bongo comics is not on the list of exhibitors, Fry's voice Billy West is there to promote "Comic Book: The Movie" during a 2 hour panel session starting on Friday at 4PM. You can find him at the Creative Light booth. Further signing is scheduled for Saturday 1 - 3PM.
While at it: He's been producing a CD with his band "The Grief Counselors" which should be available soon.

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Season 4 DVD delay reported

The UK site DVDTimes reports that "Fox Home Entertainment have delayed the UK Region 2 DVD release of Futurama Season 4 by one week". This would mean the new date of arrival would be November 24th.
The bright side is, that'd give us one extra week of final anticipation!

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Voice Actors Update

As our Futurama Voice Actor section was lacking a great deal in the past, I sat down to fix this over the past two weeks. If you always wanted to know who the guys and gals behind the Futurama voices are, what they did outside of Futurama or just how they look, this should be for you.

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Give a Thumb Up to Futurama

Comedy Central is holding its own little award show called "The Commies" this year on December 7th. It's more or less a televised web poll, but what the heck. Futurama is up there for the animated series award and demands your vote. Two clicks for Futurama isn't too much, right? Come on, I said dooooo it.

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Futurama Comics #15 out now

Futurama Comics 15Futurama comics #15 is now available at most comic shops, but for some reason I can't find any online retailers carrying it. You might need to leave your basement to get it. Head on over to the reviews section in case you already have it and want to give it a nice detailed review.

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Season 4 DVD Box Art

FOX Home Entertainment gave out a first picture of the Futurama Season 4 DVD set to be released in the UK on November 17th. As you can see on the spine, the first two discs cover five episodes each while the third and fourth include four episodes.
In addition, it looks like the set will feature subtitles in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and English for the hearing impaired.
Those in the UK or with Region 2 and PAL capable DVD players (all of Europe) can preorder the final Futurama DVD set at 30% off.

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McSeason 5 on CN in November

November will see a bit of a change in the Futurama programming on Cartoon Network. Going back to its 11PM time slot in November (currently 11:30), Futurama will jump from 2ACV09 (A Bicyclops Built For Two) on the 29th and 2ACV18 (The Honking) on the 30th of October to 3ACV12 (The Route of All Evil) on November 3rd. From there the remaining 4ACV episodes from FOX's McSeason 5 will be shown. With three episodes being skipped as it seems (those which FOX aired in McSeason 4, including the Star Trek one).
In addition, the 11:30PM Futurama episodes are rerun on Cartoon Network at 2:30AM now.

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Futurama Comics #15

#15 of Futurama Comics was delayed a week, but will be released on the 8th of October. As of now, I don't really know of a place to buy or pre-order it online... If you do, use the comments page or email me.
Fry's dreams come true when he is offered the chance of a lifetime -- to play the part of his childhood comic book hero Space Boy in a big budget, special effects filled, motion picture extravaganza! But the life of a Hollywood star and superhero is not all its cracked up to be, and nothing can prepare him for the movie's surprise twist ending!
According to DiamondComics, the price has seemingly changed to $2.99.

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