Merchandise Monday

I've made a preview review of the upcoming Futurama Waste Basket by RixTin. The basket is quite nifty and will only cost $9.99. No release date has been set yet, but keep your eyes open for it soon!

#10 of Futurama Comics:
November 27th 2002

By some divine instrument of destiny or by he bestowing of an innate talent by the powers that be, Fry, Leela, Bender, and Scruffy find themselves representing the Earth on the Olympic swurling team under the tutelage of hall of fame swurling coach Vic Lebruteski. But what is really behind their newfound abilities, and what exactly is in it for the coach and Planet Express. It appears that they will soon be putting their lives on the line in front of an universal arena that is out for blood. Capture the spirit of the games in November! pre-order at DarkHose/TFAW (10% off!)

#2 of Simpsons/Futurama crossover special:
October 23rd 2002

When we last saw our fearless Planet Express crew, they were trapped in a Simpsons comic book for all eternity by the evil Brain Spawn! Professor Farnworth had been committed! Fry was trapped at Springfield Elementary School! And Nibbler, the only one holding together the delicate fabric of reality together, was having his brain lactified! Is all lost? Is there any future drama for the Futurama crew? Are they finally, truly and totally boned? Find out for yourself in the senses shattering finale of the epic we could only call... Chapter Two! Pre-order at Mile High

Check out the new up-to-date comic book section for more info about Futurama Comic books.

I also updated the pop-out people section with new pictures and descriptions of all the poppin people. Sadly, DarkHorse has stopped producing new pop-out sets, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy the 10 existing sets!

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Bill Morrison Interview

Author William LaRue of Collecting Simpsons has just posted an interview with Bill Morrison (managing editor of Futurama comics and art director of Futurama the TV show). The interview mostly talks about how Bongo Comics is ran and how Bongo Comics comes up with its line of merchandise. Here's a great tid-bit of the interview:

Question: How successful has Futurama Comics been?
Bill Morrison: Very successful. I think everybody who watches the show buys our comic book. And if the show gets canceled, the comic book will live on, because as long as the fans are out there and sales are good, we'll continue to do it.

To read the entire article, click here. Or check out LaRue's website at

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No Futurama Tonight

FOX airs 'The Simpsons' at 7pm and 'The Matrix' afterwards at 7:30pm which means there will be no Futurama today.
Next week, west coast viewers will see the season 3 episode "Time Keeps on Slipping" and the week after, no Futurama once again.

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Season Premier Merchandise Sale

eMerchandise started its Season Premier Sale with all available products 15% off. Shows qualifying for the saving include Futurama, Simpsons, all Cartoon Network shows, Malcolm In The Middle and lots more.
This offer lasts till October 3rd (Thursday) only, so get out your credit cards, checks or legal guardians now

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Some News, Everyone!

Some news straight from the horse's mouth:

  1. There was rumour going on about an additional episode ("73rd episode") to finish the series. Namely, the rumour spread from TVTome. Sorry, no such thing. However, the 72nd episode called "The
    Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings" (4ACV18) was produced with a possible series end in mind. Dan Castallaneta will return as the Robot Devil for this one.
  2. "The Why of Fry" (4ACV10) will answer some longstanding questions.
  3. Right now, FOX has scheduled all 16 remaining episodes to air from November through April. However, FOX schedules should be looked at in the context of fairy tales.
  4. The Futurama Video Game is forthcoming (They just finished producing the dialogs), but will most likely not be ready for Xmas. Prepare for February.

Thanks go to DXC for clearing these things up.

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Futurama in October Cinescape

The October issue of Cinescape (website) features a Hot-List with things like Hot Cars, Hot Heriones and Hot Villians. Futurama got listed for .... Hot Sex! Excerpt:
"We're trying our best to be unsuitable for 7 p.m. this season - we have nothing else to lose this season, so we felt we would throw caution to the wind," says Cohen. "I think we're daring them to keep us on at 7 p.m., essentially."
Read the Hot Sex article.

Cinescape time and again showed that they love the show. Pay them off and buy the issue if you can.

Thanks to 'Future Angel' on PEEL for pointing us there.

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Season 2 DVD Update

Small update on the Europe release:
The Animatic (a raw version without color, smooth animation or sound) on disc 1 of the set will be for the episode 'Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?' while the storyboard on disc 2 is going to be for 'A Bicyclops Built For Two'. Read all the details on our Futurama DVDs: Season 2 page.

PS: We fell back to #109 or so in the salesranks. If you didn't preorder yet, do so now and get Family Guy S1, too.
It also helps to keep this site alive.

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Futurama Sounds: War is the H-Word

One more episode done: Sounds and Quotes for the H-Word. Two to go to complete Season 3 ...

Fry: "Wait a minute. This is your home planet? We're the evil invading aliens?"
Ball: "Correct."
(download 34kb)

Also, 'KTD' sent us a remix of the opening theme. Find it on our Other Sounds page.

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Do you want Fry with that?

Thanks to Titan Publishing - who will soon release the Futurama Comics in the UK - for giving us 24 hours of exclusiveness on this article:
Are you ready for the next generation in comics from the gang that brought you The Simpsons? Direct from the insane brain of Matt Groening comes Futurama

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Fan update galore...

I know I haven't been updating much lately, which is mostly because of the first week of college, it's still hard to adjust, but I'm sure I'll fall back into place soon enough. And for now I have a very nice fanart picture from Otis P. Jivefunk which shows the futurama cast. It's pretty nice. Stephen reid (our popular futurama guitar tabber) made a new version of the holophoner tab. It should be more accurate now. And check this nice selfmade (by Giovanni Fichera) Bender in some sort of sand sculpture. Enjoy

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Simpsons to get the Futurama treatment

With the very future of Futurama on hold, it looks like Groening's other concern, The Simpsons will soon be getting some of the Futurama treatment.

No, it will not be getting pre-empted by baseball, or having its production team sacked - its animation process however, will be digitally produced starting with "The Great Louse Detective" (EABF01), scheduled to air in March 2003.

Although digital based animation is undoubtedly superior to traditional animation, it has been known for some time that The Simpsons producers did not want to "mess" with a winning formula.

So woohoo you may say to new episodes of The Simpsons being animated to the standard of Futurama - now if only we could have a guaranteed supply of Futurama!

This article was written and submitted by Grafton Matt.

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Futurama Capsule: Cyber House Rules

The episode capsule for Cyberhouse rules is ready for reading and contributing.

Also, all other Futurama capsules have been updated with your submissions. Thanks!

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Amazon increases DVD price some

Maybe was surprised by the huge presale success of the Season 2 Futurama DVDs (no.1 after 18 hours) or they really did have a wrong price up before. The new price is £31.99 which is 20% off still. For non-EU buyers, this also means that they'll remove more VA-Tax for those who order now. Still well worth the buy. I myself ordered from Germany before the UK price was sure and paid more

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Futurama Season 2 VHS release

Like FOX told me a few months ago, there will also be a VHS (PAL) release of Season 2. I'd always go with the DVDs (look 3 news further down) because of all the precious extras, the direct access. But if DVD is not an option for you due to lack of a DVD player, I got a picture of the box for you and preordering links:
  • for £28 (20% off, rel: Nov 11th)
  • for €45 (german only, rel: Nov 7th)

    UPDATE: New DVD price is £32!
    But really, go for the Season 2 DVDs if you can.
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    Futurama Today: Cyber House

    The Pacific and Mountain Time Zone fans get to watch 'The Cyber House Rules' at 7pm today in which Leela rushes to the reunion of the Orphanarium where she grew up.

    Make sure to watch it so you can add stuff to the upcoming Episode Capsule.

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    Creative Emmy Ceremony today

    Short reminder: Today at 8pm, E! will broadcast a 2 hour summary of the 54th Creative Emmy Awards where Futurama won the Emmy for best animated program.
    As the original cerermony was longer and had no commercial breaks, it's not yet sure if the Futurama part will be shown.

    Update: Thanks go to Don Del Grande for this transcript of David X. Cohen's acceptance speech
    This is a huge surprise; in fact, all I have with me is my concession speech, so if it's okay, I'm going to read this, but wherever the word "lose" appears, I'm just going to have to stick the word "win" in, so bear with me. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry, and, frankly, extremely angry that we had to win tonight. I don't mean to win my temper, but literally hundreds of people worked hard and pointlessly to produce this winning episode, including Stewart Burns, who wrote it; Rich Moore, who directed; our animators, the cast, Matt Groening, and all the writers and producers here with me now. As you can see, just by looking at them, they're all just a big bunch of winners. Now, I say we all head down to the bar and drink until we win consciousness. Thank you very much, everybody.

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    Season 2 DVD Imports to USA

    Firstly: Sorry, there is no Futurama US DVD release news - neither season 1 nor season 2.

    What you can do: Check if your DVD player is 'hackable' to region 2 and can convert PAL to NTSC. Many of the cheap and popular Apex models do that. As far as I know, Playstation2 won't though. (correct me in the comments).

    The good thing is: If you have what's needed, importing it is all the nicer: When ordering from outside the EU, amazon will remove the VA-Tax which gets you a grand total of 53% off! This means even with shipping it's only $34 to the US.

    PS: Yesterday evening, the set was at sales rank 239, this morning, it's at 19 already UPDATE: now we are #1! Hooray! Party at Zoidy's.
    PPS: Make use of the "tell a friend" link at the top right on our Futurama Season 2 DVD detail page.

    UPDATE: New price is £32!

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    Futurama Season 2 DVD PreOrder!

    Finally, we can preorder the Futurama Season 2 DVD set at with a whooping 45% off! That's only £21.99 ($34) for 4 full discs. According to FOXhome in Germany, all 19 episodes of the 2ACV block will be included. See all the details about the extras on our Futurama Season 2 DVD page and go get it!
    UPDATE: New price is £32!

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    Next Award! A Phlemmy?!?

    United Press International reports that the American Lung Association awarded Futurama and the Bernie Mac Show with a Phlemmy Award each for their irresponsible usage of tobacco in prime time Network TV shows.

    With all respect for their cause - being a nonsmoker myself - I have absolutely no clue what show the 50 juror teens have been watching. Allegedly, the appearance of Joe Camel with the Marlboro Cowboy in 'Where the Buggalo roam' gave Futurama the honor. The word parody springs to mind. That scene was clearly geared towards poking fun at how the tobacco industry tries to charm teens with the usage of kid-friendly heroes.

    Can't expect these Sacramento teens to get that, I guess. It's a bit sad to see a show like Futurama trying to help the cause of an organization and then getting a bad-rep award by the same organization.
    After all, parody is a slippery road with ignorant people sliding into the ditch here and there.

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    Futurama Sounds: Amazon Women

    The sounds and quotes for Amazon Women in the Mood are ready. Great stuff in this Emmy-nominated episode which surely made my all time top ten.

    Zoidberg: "Hey Gringos, here comes El Zoido to ruin your drinking water!" (listen)

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    The interpretation of FOX replies

    I've been getting a lot of responses from people who emailed FOX months ago, and most of them are the same. So what is FOX hiding, and are they really on the level when they say it's all false rumours? The following will be added to the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Standard Fox Reply:
    You really should stop listening to False Rumors!!
    False they say. The story about Futurama' future being very uncertain has been confirmed by Matt Groening himself and by many other people from the production team.
    FUTURAMA will be back this coming Season with a full season of ALL-NEW episodes!!!!!
    New you say? Not entirely the truth... The episodes that will be aired in the so called new season are in fact leftovers from the last seasons that weren't aired. There are no new episodes in production.
    We have enough ALL-NEW episodes to air for the entire 2002/03 Season!!
    Basicly confirming our story, and repeating themselves.
    Note: We don't pick up ANY FOX show for the 2003/04 Season until MAY 2003 - so check back with us in a year to see if we have renewed FUTURAMA for another Season!! Hopefully the show will be with us for many years to come!
    Great, but IF they decide to renew the episode order then, they'd have to set up an entirely new production team, 'cause if there aren't any episodes made this year the animation team obviously had to go look for new jobs, right? Most of the team already broke up, assembling a new one and start producing takes longer than from May to season start.
    Thanks for writing
    And thanks for responding.

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    Behind the scenes in the UK

    According to 'Otis P Jivefunk' on the Futurama Message Board PEEL, Sky One will air an extended mix of the 'Behind the Scenes' clip that is on the Futurama Season 1 DVD set. Only problem is: It will be on at September 21st, 2:25am. So set your beta if needed.

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    For the doubters

    For those who doubted the Futurama Emmy we reported two days ago, an excerpt from The Associated Press news-wire and a zap2it link:
    Here is a list of winners in the creative arts categories for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 54th annual primetime Emmy Awards:
    Animated Program Less Than One Hour: "Futurama: Roswell That Ends Well," Fox.
    Published: Sunday, September 15, 2002 03:38 PDT

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    Futurama DVDs: Germany

    As it looks like the Futurama Season 2 DVD set will be released in Germany first (November 7th), I wrote an illustrated guide on "How to Preorder Season 2 DVDs from" for those who do not speak German. The DVDs feature German, English and Spanish sound according to the German FOX home entertainment and the price for the 4 discs was lowered to €49.99 now. Like last time, the DVDs are Region-2/PAL (have a look at vcdhelp on how to 'hack' lots of players for region 2). If you do know German, just get them directly.

    For more general info, read our Futurama Season 2 DVD detail article.

    Every set bought through the guide will help fund this site, so go for it

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    Animation Emmy goes to ... Futurama!

    Eat our collective shiny metal shorts, Homer, Ginger, Cartman and Bobby Hill!

    After nominations in 1999 and 2001 for the Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour), Futurama won the Emmy award in that category with the season 4 premiere episode "Roswell That Ends Well"!

    Talking about the Simpsons, Groening once said:
    "What happens generally if we win the Emmy for best animation show is that that gives us another couple of years [to run it into the ground]."
    So let's hope that first part is true for Futurama, too. Together with the recent syndication on Cartoon Network, the Emmy can only help the show and maybe convince FOX to make a commitment here.

    Congrats go to Groening, Cohen, Burns, Moore and all the other people involved.

    The creative arts categories will have a two hour highlights telecast on E!, September 21 (8:00 p.m.)

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    Futurama (c) General Motors

    I wrote up a little article (with pictures for the comic readers) on the 1939 General Motors New York World Fair attraction. While some of you might say something along "Uhhh, this is a Futurama site, right? What's next, talking about walking your dog?", I can assure you it actually is Futurama related
    If you make it through the whole article, there is a neat little video for you, too.

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    Even more sounds!

    I made the sounds of Parasites lost, I hope you enjoy it.

    Leela: "I don't have words to say how wonderful you are, Fry. I haven't been so happy since double soup tuesday in the orphenarium"
    Fry: "When I'm with you, every day seems like double soup tuesdays"
    Leela: "Oh Fry, I love what you've become."
    (download 97kb)

    PS: It's one of the meanest things leela has ever said to fry!

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    Futurama Sounds: Bendless Love

    Quotes and Sounds for "Bendless Love" are finally done now. Five episodes to go to complete season 3...

    Leela: "Well, talk to her! Tell her about your feelings in an open and honest way."
    Fry: "Yeah! Either that or be a man."
    (download 45kb)

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    Fan Additions

    Some Fan Stuff for you:

    Aled submitted his first Fan Fiction called My Muse. Read and rate it.

    The Icons and Cursors section got two new animated Zoidberg cursors by 'Zoidberg Rulz'.

    And lastly, 'PhilBot' did a Fan dubbing of a comic page. Nice Fry and Farnsworth I say. If others of you want to try to voice some quotes I might make it a new section with ratings and so on. So try and send in!

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    That sound makes perfect sense.

    I did the sounds and descriptions for the that's lobstertainment episode. Enjoy.

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    Syndication Variety News

    Yahoo!news now has the Variety article on the Futurama syndication. Quoting the bad part from it:
    "Fox hasn't made it official, but the show is unlikely to come back after it burns off its final original episodes during the 2002-03 season, where it's scheduled Sunday at 7."

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    Futurama on Cartoon Networks!

    It's official!
    The Cartoon Network bought the right to rerun all 72 Futurama episodes for the next 5 years. According to Variety (which I can't link to as they have a subscriber only policy) the non-exclusive contract is said to be worth about $10m. It "will take our Adult Swim programming to a whole different level," said Jim Samples. Reruns are meant to start in January in Cartoon Network's 10pm to 1am Adult Swim block.

    This said:
    • It does give FOX some additional incentive to order more episodes, as $10m is probably about 10 to 20% of the total costs FOX had with Futurama.
    • It might allow American Futurama DVDs to get on the market in the next few years
    • Futurama gets to show how well it works with an older audience.
    Thanks to Corey for notifying me!

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    Futurama Capsule: Insane in the ...

    Sorry for yesterdays mistake: It wasn't 'The Honking' that aired. Shame on me for trusting Don Del Grande from a.t.f. without checking myself

    Anyway, the episode capsule (txt version) for 'Insane in the Mainframe' is now uploaded and you can start submitting new entries.

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    TVlisting updated

    I looked at the tv listing and saw that it was totally out of date, I added the tv air times for my own country, but you people have to help me find the ones for your country. So go submit the hours to me It'd be a great help

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    Futurama Today: Honking

    The following news is wrong, it's actually 'Insane in the Mainframe' that aired:

    In todays exclusive (meaning, westcoast only) 7PM episode The Honking, Bender will visit an old haunted mansion of his now dead uncle Vladimir in order to accept his inheritance. Eerie stuff happens ...

    I'll have a submittable capsule up tomorrow, so watch it like an eagle!

  • Next week: ... where there will be no Futurama at all.
  • Week after: The Cyber House Rules for the westcoast.
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    FOX Fall Line-Up

    An article by The Associated Press has this in for us:

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    Pink episode guides, it can happen!

    Shadowstar sent me the latest Episode Guide. Sure, I put them in the Fanart section, but they're not really fan art, they're actual guides to the episodes.

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    Walking Collectibles

    Toys-R-Us started shipping 4 of the Futurama Wind Up Collectible over amazon's site. Each one is about 8 inches high and can walk on your desk. With only $19.99 this is probably the cheapest way to get them off the net right now.

    4 out of the 5 collectibles are ready for shipping: Bender, Gender Bender, Nibbler and URL the policebot. The drawback is that they are available to the the USA only. Try the Futurama merchandise on eMerchandise otherwise ($8 more).

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    This'll teach those filthy bastards

    Well, happy happy joy joy! Voice actor John DiMaggio just got another ring added to his fairly large collection! Best wishes from the CGEF crew and probably lots of fans out there. Futurama just isn't the same without Bender's voice (and I can tell, I've heard the German dub a lot). Thanks to Bender-Uberfan Juliet for reminding us.

    Oh, also, look out for the movie "Xtreme Dating". John will be on screen for this one.

    And as birthdays always have to include some half-embarrassing blast from the past: I dug up a (1999 I think) phone interview of PMP Network with him.

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    Bender walks in our world

    Remember that episode where homer went to the real world? Ofcourse you do. Centre NAD made a fan 3d movie where Bender makes a Slug in the real world, it's pretty cool. Check it out, it's one of the coolest ones I've ever seen.

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    Region 4 Futurama DVDs

    AJ on PEEL gave a link to an australian DVD site which lists the region 4 release of the Futurama Season 1 DVD set as November 27th. For those downunder who can't wait: The UK version works perfectly on region 4 players, too according to countless people.

    Sorry, no news on a US release still...

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    FOX Outlook

    We're navigating into dry regions with FOX right now.
    • Today (Sun, 1st of September):
      Futurama is being preempted for the FOX Special 'What's Inside the FOX BOX?'. Well? What it is? Animated children shows which are to air on Saturday mornings throughout this season: 'Kirby: Right back at ya!', 'Ultraman Tiga', 'Ultimate Muscle', 'Fighting Foodons' and 'Stargate Infinity'. For detailed descriptions on the cartoons, look at this 4Kids Press Release.
    • Sunday 8th: Technically, season 3 episode 'The Honking', but for the East and Central time zones Futurama is being preempted by NFL.
    • Sunday 15th: Futurama will be preempted for 'Jurassic Park: The Lost World'.
    And for those not following US news: Baseball is not striking this year, so FOX won't have to pull show premieres to October.

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    Futurama Board:
    Visit our strong going affiliate PEEL. Once part of CGEF, it grew to unexpected popularity and now is the board for Futurama fans.