Leela Of Her Own Capsule

Don't forget to have a look at the "A Leela of her Own" Capsule and add stuff like goofs, references, comments and things you noticed.

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Sunday's Futurama Episode

This Sunday at 7pm we are going to see "A Leela of her own."
Leela unexpectedly becomes the first female Blernsball player in the Major League. This triggers much mischief by another female player who worked hard to finally get there only to see that she isn't first anymore.
Also, Dwight makes another appearance before he would've been introduced in "The Route of all Evil". FOX didn't air this season 3 episode yet.
Stuff for this episode: Reviews & Ratings, Screen Shots, Quotes & Sounds and the Trivia Quiz (take after you have seen it).

Guest stars (voices): Hank Aaron and Bob Uecker

Upcoming weeks: 7th of July "Where the Buggalo Roam" and no Futurama on Sunday 14th.

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Frame Guessing Update

I got complaints that it's too hard to get into the Hall of Fame for the Frame Guessing Game so I increased teh list to Top50 instead of Top10. The lower spots will fill up over time. Also, all bugs should be gone now.

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Bettah Late, Then Nevah!

Featured to the right is a view of the Los Angeles/New York News daily publication Daily Variety from Reed Business Information. This was a Daily News item offered June 13th, 2002. Unfortunately, There is no articles about Futurama, but the cover at 15x10 is worth the $2.95 US. You may be able to grab a copy at an auction site or email them about a back issue. Yeah, It's the same pic as in the 2002 Calendar, but it still goes good with your collections.

Grants Toys prides themselves as being the first to stock the Rix Coasters Series I (back of Blister Pack pic). Thanks to AKA FrysGirl for the heads up. If you can't wait for your pre-orders at existing retailers, You'll be paying a couple dollars extra. Laterz.

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Impossible fanart.

Well it's possible, but the artist is called impossible Go check out those new impossible pictures and you'll see they're possible well enought about possibility, or my head will explode. Andie Signing off... oh wait, I still need help for my game (gfx and animation) please help me out if you think you can, Thx

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Brannigan Again Sounds

Finally got around to do another Episode Sounds and Quotes thingy: The great "Brannigan Begin Again" episode is full of hilarious Zapp quotes, so I will cornily dedicate this update do the foggy Velour

Zapp: "What makes a man turn neutral ... Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?" [listen]

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Bender Talks to the Germans

Sorry for going German heavy again, but John DiMaggio (Bender's voice on Futurama) wants me to relay this to the German Futurama fans:

"Nice goal, meatbags, and thanks for watching the f%$#ing show!"

Although I'm no soccer fan really, yay from me, too

More on what John has been up to lately soon!

PS: Insiders and the MCO tell me it means "fucking" really

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Reminder: German Futurama daily

To all the other Germans out there (after you got back from soccer related drinking): Don't forget that PRO7 will air Futurama on a daily basis starting next week. The episodes will be shown at 6:30pm before the Simpsons (too sad it's summer and no one will be watching, but read on). The thing is, Futurama will only make it back to a prime time monday slot if these reruns (starting with the pilot) and the Saturday 18:05 airing of season 3 episodes get a good enough rating.

In German: Ab n

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Fry, I am your own grandfather

Deathcharge submitted me 3 new 3d art pictures, one of the scarecrow, bender as a god and fry and bender using light sabers. It's very cool so check it out in the 3D art Gallery

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Pharaoh Rating & Capsule

"A Pharaoh to Remember" got a (3.1/6) overnight rating and with that was 4th for the 7PM slot. King of the Hill was only slightly better in total numbers (more viewers later the evening) with a (3.5/6) rating.

Looking at 106 CGEF reviews & ratings this episode only scored 59 out of 100 points. Sad: the other episode by Ron Weiner (The Luck of the Fryrish) is one of my alltime favourites.

In any case, have a look at the Capsule for the Pharaoh and add goofs, weird scenes and references if you can.

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Fan Art

Fan Art time! Erdrik submitted 5 new pictures. Of course, some are Leela heavy like most of his (ah well, not bad ) but this time we also have some PEEL related pictures. Have fun guessing who it is when looking at his gallery.

Also, Andrea Huckstep send 4 new pictures. With a total of 7 Mario related collages she now got her own page.

And ... Impossible bombarded my mailbox with lots of Futurama Fan Arts but I didn't get to do that yet. Sorry. Hopefully soon

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At least we tried (again)

Hey, another CGEF exclusive. Me (Bass) and my friends made a futurama rock theme ourselves It took us 4 hours and finally got a almost decent version of our own, we'll make a better one soon. But feast your ears on this version of the futurama theme. Please give us some comments :P

* Update : a new version added with better bass and longer intro. PS, thanks to danny for fixing up the sound quality :)

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Sunday: Pharaoh to remember

Sunday night at 7pm will be the rerun of "A Pharaoh to remember".

Bender has the id

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Guess the Frame!

Think you know Futurama? See how well you do by guessing which screen shot is from which episode. Are you good enough to get into the Hall of Fame?
Play the CGEF Frame Guessing Game!

If you find errors, tell in the comments. I found two which I will fix later

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Beep! Beep! Beep Beep!

Click to see full size!Hey guys, another small update from me, Fry in the beep machine of the season finale. I hope you like it.

Another thing, I'm making a new game and I'm looking for some people who can do good animations for me. If you do, email me. Thanks in advance

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Futurama Simpsons Crossover PreOrder!

Click to see full size!The much rumoured about Futurama Simpsons Special Crossover Crisis #1 Comic is now available for preorder at the Dark Horse Comics outlet 'Things from another world''. It costs $2.25 (that's 10% off) and should ship in about one or two months. Maybe have a look at their other Futurama stuff, too so the shipping costs aren't that high in comparision.

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I'm back After 1 month of studying for my exams, I can finally update again. During the exams I made this new futurama tab, I hope you like it. SlashDot has a poll going of which your favorite futurama character is. It already has 16971 votes already

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Futurama episodes and trivia

Upcoming Futurama episodes over the next two weeks are:
  • Sunday 23rd A Pharoah to Remember Bender becomes the pharaoh while desperately trying to be remembered.

  • Sunday 30th A Leela of Her Own Leela becomes the first female major league blurnsball player.

  • And as we sort of didn't get to that last time: The "A Leela of Her Own" Trivia is up now, too. Have fun trying to get the answers right

    Thanks goes to Johannes Lempp from the german site Futuramasutra for pointing out a small error in the trivia script.

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    Low Futurama TV Ratings

    According to zap2it yesterday's double feature of Futurama only got a 1.9/4 rating and with that came in as 5th out of 5 ...
    The other networks showed: NBC - US Open (10.7/22), CBS - 60 Minutes (7.3/15), ABC - Toy Story (2.7/6), WB - The Big Hit (2.2/4)

    I guess the US Open and 60 Minutes take away a lot of the absolut numbers and the Disney movie might be more alluring than reruns, too. Now I know why they had two Futuramas there FOX probably didn't want to sacrifice King Of The Hill against NBC and CBS.
    Update: mediaweek presents a slightly different view: US Open 1st, 60 Minutes 2nd with (8.3/15), Toy Story 3rd with (3.6/7), Futurama 4th with still quite low (7 p.m. 2.8/5; 7:30 p.m. 3.1/6), Big Hit last with (2.1/4)

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    Sunday's Futurama

    It's Sunday again and with that Futurama time! Weirdly enough, it's even two episodes today!

    Anthology of Interest II at 7PM
    Three stories unfold when Professor Farnsworth fine-tunes his "What If" machine: Bender discovers how different he would be if he were human, Fry learns what life would be like if it resembled a video game and Leela wonders what would happen if she found her true home....and crash lands on Planet Oz.
    This episode got a good 88% user review rating. Also read the capsule and contribute to it!

    Leela's Homeworld at 7:30PM
    Leela returns to the orphanarium in which she was raised being recognized for her success as a starship captain. Bender and Professor Farnsworth decipher something far more rewarding for Leela, as Fry helps her discover some long-lost secrets about her background, including what happened to her parents.
    It got a mediocre 79% user review rating. Same as above: read the capsule and contribute to it!

    Next week will be "A Pharaoh To Remember".

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    7 New Futurama Fan Arts

    Futurama Fan Art time: 3 Marioesque by Andrea Huckstep (Anyone else remember her? If you miss her Futurama Outlet-posts, she is on PEEL now), 3 Leelaish by Impossible and the weird looking Beelze Bending Santa Bot you see on the left, all on our various submitters page.
    Thanks to the three!

    And this just in: A Futurama Fan Fic co-authored by Paul and Astrozombie called "Minds Apart" in which Fry messes about with one of Farnsworth's inventions and as a result he and Leela get to see life from a whole new perspective. Rate it!

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    The Lost Webmaster Returns.

    It's been a little while since I updated any website, so I thought I'd give CGEF the first update, ahead of my site Futurama Scan Art Central.

    I've uploaded four new wallpapers for you Futurama fans to enjoy, they're called "One Banana Too Many" featuring Gunther from Mars Univerity, "I'll Never Help You Again" from My Three Suns, "Pharoah Bender" from A Pharoah To Remember and my personal favourite of Amy Sunbathing.

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    FOX talks about fairness

    One of the many new FOX shows - 'Oliver Beene' - had its fall premiere be pushed back to January according to this article on zap2it. The reason given is that football would pre-empt it all the time. "It's not fair to the show" otherwise says a FOX spokesman.

    The irony: 'Beene' is scheduled for Sundays 7:30pm so right after Futurama which got pre-empted throughout the last two years that way. Guess it actually is fair as long as its Futurama and not some show FOX likes.
    No word spread yet if Futurama will also be pushed back to January.
    Thanks to 'Fancy Pants' at PEEL for getting my attention on it.

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    Tin Can & Playing Cards PreOrder!

    Finally found a source to preorder the Futurama Tin Can & Playing Cards by Rix Tin. The good news: With 10% off they're only $5.39 at TFAW!

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    Mmmmmm slurm

    CGEF and myself were lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the said Slurm Can from the below update so I wrote a very in-depth review with pictures of the tin can and scans of the playing cards. This by far is one of the coolest Futurama toys yet, so I highly encourage you to read this review, because I haven't spoken so highly on a product EVER as I have with this one. The can will be released by Rix Tin sometime in July, will have one playing card set inside, and will cost $6.99-$7.99US.

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    News That's Addictive

    Featured to the left is a view of the new Slurm Can from Rix Tins. Inside the can it will hold a set of Specialty Cards (Also a New pic, please click.) This looks to be a cool product line and I can't wait to get my grubby hands on it. Unfortunately, the Rix Tins Futurama line has been pushed back once again to the end of this month and even that is tentative. Please post in the comments if you have found a Pre-Order site or if you just wanna say how cool this product line is, that's ok too. I'm Out.

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    Futurama Rock Theme v2

    Trucci - who submitted the first "Futurama Rock theme" years ago - managed sent us a second version complete with guitar, bass and drumset. Get it from our "Other Sounds" area which also includes funny samples of the german and french dub.

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    Love & Rocket TV Rating

    Futurama TV ratings went slightly down from 3.2/6 last week to (2.9/6) and stayed at place 4 overall for the 7:00pm slot. 'King of the Hill' was higher in total viewers but only got 6% viewers, too (#4, 3.4/6). On the other channels CBS's '60 minutes' (#1, 8.3/15) dominated the time slot with NBC's 'Dateline' coming in as second (4.8/9) and 'A Knight in Camelot' on ABC as #3 with an average of (4.5/8) from 7pm to 9pm.

    Hope FOX advertises its one hour double feature ("Anthology of Interest 2" at 7pm and "Leela's Homeworld" after that) next Sunday some.

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    Offtopic: Klez Virus

    If you are using Microsoft Outlook Express for email, please, please, have a look at this anti virus site for a Klez removal tool (read the instructions). I get about 20 copies of the Klez virus a day by people who read this site. It's slowly getting annoying

    In any case, DO NOT use any "virus removal tool" that is send to you by mail. That's the virus itself.

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    Fan Stuff Time

    Got a pile of Futurama Fan stuff for you today:

    Erdrik sent me 4 Futurama Fan Arts: The one on the right is called "Quick Ride" and then we have some tickly action, Leela in the 5th Element dress and some random guy in the Futurama drawing style. Think he got some sort of electro-mace? Oh well, nice drawings!

    Juliet from One and only Bender gave us 3 Futurama Scans/Fan Arts: The Bundy-Leela you can see to the left, an alternative version of it and Fry & Bender side by side with highlighting and some effects.

    Next up: A new fan art submitter called Coole Cav. Have a look at his three fan arts.

    And finally, Stephen Reid submitted 3 more Futurama guitar tabs. He wants to know if anyone can come up with the song that starts playing in "Time keeps on slipping" when Fry invites Leela to his time shelter. Know it? Use the comments or mail me.

    Thanks again to all submitters!

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    Love & Rocket Capsule

    The Futurama Capsule for today's episode "Love and Rocket" is up for viewing and submitting.

    As always you can get a raw txt version also.

    Make sure you submit your findings to be on the list of contributers of these "everything you could ever want to know about an episode" documents!

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    This Bongos My Mind!

    Have more info on the Futurama/Simpsons Special: INFINITELY SECRET CROSSOVER CRISIS #1. It will be a 2 part series with the first comic arriving in early September. Bongo Solicitations read: "What would happen if the Planet Express crew met the Simpsons... and how is it even possible? Take one millennial edition of a Bongo comic, add in two Brain Spawns, mix in one 20th century man plucked out of time, and stir it up with an interstellar three-eyed creature with a huge appetite... and anything is possible." Promo pics are available if you Click Here for 'Fry and Bart hover boarding' or Here for 'Bender and Homer tipping cheers.'

    Bongo will also be releasing Futurama Comics 1,2,3 and 4 again in September. This will be your last chance to get individual copies before all 4 books are compiled by HarperCollins | Perennial Library in November as Futurama-O-Rama (save 20% now). Laterz.

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    Sunday Episodes

    This Sunday, FOX will rerun "Love and Rocket" at the usual time (7pm/6c). The episode is about the ship getting upgraded with a speach modulde (voiced by Sigourney Weaver) and Bender falling in love with it. You can read and write reviews, look at pictures of the episode and listen to the best quotes.

    The week afterwards, FOX is aring two episodes: "Anthology of Interest 2" at 7pm and "Leela's Homeworld" at 7:30pm.

    Also this Sunday in the UK: The 30% Iron Chef at 7pm on Sky|One.

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    TV tighter for writers

    'TV tighter for writers' is the title of an article published today by the entertainment news source "Variety". It describes how the Hollywood TV and cinema corporations are aiming at giving out less development deals.

    "As a result, dozens of writers whose deals expired June 1 are hustling for gigs as showrunners or staff writers, or simply taking a gamble on one-shot script deals.

    Among those affected by the shift:

    = 20th Century Fox TV has not struck new development deals with Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin ("The Education of Max Bickford"); Alan Cohen & Alan Freedland ("King of the Hill"); David X. Cohen ("Futurama"); Molly Newman ("Snoops"); ... "

    Our good friend Sandy Grushow (see "Chapter 1: Operation Wise FOX") tells us:
    "Fox Television Entertainment Group chairman Sandy Grushow believes the scaling back of overall deals is 'the absolutely sanest thing the Hollywood production community can do.'"

    Well thanks for basically calling people insane who want to keep a developing show instead of single season hot shots.

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    Season 2 DVD details

    First: No, I got no news about an US release of the Futurama Season 1 DVDs. Think years rather than months though.

    Now: Thanks to 'koolj' for pointing at r2-dvd.org on this PEEL thread.
    The article lists a number of episodes which will have "deleted scenes" on the DVDs. Additional material will be the sponsor clips like 'Arachno Spores' and audio commentary. The DVD set is not officially scheduled yet but more or less educated guesses tend to predict something near September/October.

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    Bender in Star Wars?

    Sorry for forgetting who told us, but supposedly the Star Wars Tales TPB Vol. 2 (a collection of issues 5-8 of the comic) inlcudes the story "Junkheap Hero" in which C3PO is sitting atop a giant pile of robot parts where at the very right, a sort of Bender is to be seen. Anyone able to drop me a scan of that page per email? Doesn't really matter if you think it's Bender or not, I want to see anyway.

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    Rosswell Rerun Rating

    Gotta love alliterations...

    Futurama made place 4 in the 7pm slot with an overnight rating of 3.2/6 compared to NBA Playoffs on NBC with an average of 11.3/18 from 7-11pm, 60 Minutes at 8.3/14 on CBS and ABC's The New Swiss Robinson averaging 4.8/8 from 7 to 9pm.
    4th place was also what FOX got overall on that evening of reruns.

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    More Fanny Stuff

    Not that kind of fanny ...

    'SoulFX' sent me a coloured version of Lorenz K.'s Leela in a ... nice outfit Lorenz gave permission for that of course and so you can see the picture here now. For all the guys: Hands on table...

    Also, The Voices sent in a neat picture of the planet express ship in space which I made into 3 resolutions for wallpapers (scroll down to the bottom of the page. Cuss some if you don't have a mousewheel).

    And then, we got a newcomer in the Fan Fiction world. Payn sent in his very first fic called "Triassic 3: The Misplaced":

    The Planet Express crew makes a delivery to Triassic 3, the site of a new theme park filled with dinosaurs reconstructed from ancient DNA and modern scientific knowledge. Together with the owner of the theme park and two cute little children, they're given the opportunity to take a tour of the park before it's opened to the public. What could possibly go wrong?

    Read it and rate it!

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    Blob on the Move

    The Squishy Horrible Blob is no longer available at amazon.com but you can now get it from eMerchandise instead. Buying from there will also benefit the CGEF blackjack & hooker fund, so get one now!

    Also merchandise related: The Futurama Y2k+3 calendar is now also available for preordering at the british amazon, scheduled for a release in August and currently being 9% off at £9.44.

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    Futurama PocketPC Themes

    New section on CGEF: Futurama PocketPC Themes.

    These themes were produced by Tari Akpodiete (see her site for more Themes) using scans by reed and first published on pocketthemes.com. Thanks to everyone for cooperating.

    PS: related to that: If you get bored on the road, try our wap portal at wap.gotfuturama.com

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    Futurama Episode Capsules

    A long time ago the site FrCr started doing Episode Capsules for each and every Futurama episode. These were mostly put together in the newsgroup alt.tv.futurama, but with the site the episode capsule business died down quite some also.
    We want to try to let people who aren't comfy with newsgroups still have a chance to contribute to these documents. For that reason, I set up a submission page for all the weird or notable things you see in the episode tonight ("Rosswell that ends well"). The page looks a bit chunky still as I was on a hurry to get everything done, but the raw text output it creates on the fly looks neat already. One thing that the capsules used to have but we won't have is a full transcript (legal reasons).

    I know it's not easy to contribute to this effort, but have a try If this works out somewhat we might go on with it.
    The original capsule for this episode was compiled by Jym Dyer, who maintains an archive of other capsules.

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    One day to go

    One more day till the Season 4 reruns start on each Sunday at 7pm/6c. FOX isn't following the airing order of last season though (neither of production). This Sunday it's time again for "Roswell That Ends Well", followed by "Love & Rocket" and then "Leela's Homeworld".

    You can find reviews, pictures, sounds & best quotes and the trivia questions for Roswell on CGEF.

    Remember to watch this great episode even if you already saw it. Especially if you own one of these Nielsen boxes or a TiVo

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